Local Communication Research Group (LOCALCOM)

LOCALCOM Research Group (Local Communication Research Group) works in the analysis and development of communication problems from the perspective of local areas, also known in the international literature as regional, sub-national or autonomous territories. It is set at the national level as a network integrated by teachers, researchers and doctoral students from eight universities, specialized in Communication, Sociology, Statistics, Politics, History and Communication Technology.
It is essentially concerned by four thematic areas: Information Society, Technology and Globalization; Communication policies, regulation and media systems; Audiovisual systems, regional integration and cultural diversity; and Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI), content and social dynamics. The Generalitat of Catalonia as a Consolidated Group (2014SGR0407) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona as Quality Research Group (GIC-2607) recognize scientific and academic career, since 2000. On the other hand, LOCALCOM integrates the Ibero-American Observatory of Communication as part of a continuing strategy for the transfer of knowledge through international collaboration networks (RIEC, GII, Vit@lis), with projection to other related groups to their fields of investigation.

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