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Advances in Voice Analysis and Characterization [101709]
Garcia Quintana, David
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Psicologia

Data: 2013-14
Resum: The global objective of the course is for the student to acquire specialized skills in perceptual and acoustic voice analysis, reaching an in-depth understanding of human voice, as part of an advanced training as future voice therapists. In particular, upon a successful completion of the course the student will develop: - The perceptual ability to distinguish differences in tone, intensity and quality of voice, both healthy and pathologic. - The ability to use the acoustic tools for objective analysis of human voice. - A better understanding of the correlation of acoustic analysis information with perceptual traits of interest to the voice therapist. - Skills to modify their own voice, self-implementing the different strategies available to the voice therapist. - A better understanding of the best suited strategies to improve vocal efficiency for a given case.
Llengua: Català
Titulació: Logopèdia [2500893]

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