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Genòmica i Proteòmica [42889]
Querol Murillo, Enrique (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Bioquímica i Biologia Molecular)

Data: 2013-14
Resum: The overall aim of the subject is to provide students an overview of GENOMICS including fundamentals, current techniques and applications. The specific objectives include understanding the following aspects: the diversity and complexity of eukaryotic genomes, the historical and evolutionary perspective of genomic content, the meaning and consequences of intraspecific variability, techniques commonly employed in studies of genomics and transcriptomics and applications derived from the knowledge provided by this science. The aim of the PROTEOMICS lectures is to gain insight into new proteomics and Interactomics approaches (i. e. , proteogenomics annotation; MS imaging. . . ) and applications (biomarkers in biomedicine; differential proteomics for the identification of drug and vaccine targets; network pharmacology and toxicology. . . ).
Llengua: Català
Titulació: Bioquímica, Biologia Molecular i Biomedicina [4313794]

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