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Tècniques de Recerca Ambiental [43066]
Serra Ruíz, Pere
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Ciències

Data: 2014-15
Resum: PART A (Dra. Antonia Casellas) In these 6 sessions students engage in the techniques of academic writing. We will specifically work on academic practice of summary, critique, and synthesis. Topics covered include discussion of Critical/Academic Writing, Papers Structure, Abstracts, Introductions/Conclusions, Evidence, Citation Style, and Plagiarism, Academic Sources, and Library Resources. We will also address strategies for presenting information. PART B (Dr. Pere Serra) The main aim of this introductory course is to present the basic concepts and spatial analysis tools provided by the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) derived from the needs in socio-environmental planning and management. Our general goal is that each student develops skills to interpret and use digital spatial data and set the grounds for further (self-) training in GIScience. The specific objectives are: Know how to georeference cartographic data for incorporation into a GIS and to identify the criteria of acceptable quality in this process. This goal will be achieved in several cases applied (different map projections, scales, etc. ). A starting knowledge of data sources and formats useful for geographical studies of all kinds, given special attention to the available standards. The theoretical discussion will be dressed with a series of examples both from the conceptual point of view (uneven geographical distribution of data points, zonal data, etc. in various sizes and backgrounds, with special attention provided through the Internet) and thematic (demographics, weather, etc. ). In this context, expanded knowledge about the meaning, interest and use of metadata standards on spatial data infrastructures and on remote sensing. Practice of digitizing and vector topological structure as a basic source of incorporating data into a GIS. This goal will be achieved in many cases applied (different map projections, scales, etc. ) and complete reworking of the classic materials in operations such as grouping criteria for thematic parks, etc. Introduce the knowledge of basic GIS operations such as mosaic, clipping, changes in spatial resolution 1 Tècniques de Recerca Ambiental 2014 - 2015 Introduce the knowledge of basic GIS operations such as mosaic, clipping, changes in spatial resolution and map projection and reference systems (ED50 to ETRS89, for example), conversion raster / vector, etc. Present and extend the GIS analysis tools knowledge in the context of real-world applications shown on this course, including spatial dynamics with remote sensing, both urban growths as forest fires, etc.
Resum: PART A (Dra. Antònia Casellas) En aquests 6 sessions els estudiants s'involucren en les tècniques de l'escriptura acadèmica. Treballarem específicament en la pràctica acadèmica de resum, la crítica i la síntesi. Els temes coberts inclouen la discussió de la crítica / escriptura acadèmica, estructura de documents acadèmics, resums, presentacions / conclusions, evidència, citacions, i el plagi, fonts acadèmiques i recursos de la Biblioteca. També abordarem les estratègies per presentar la informació. PART B (Dr. Pere Serra) L'objectiu principal d'aquest curs introductori és la presentació dels conceptes bàsics i de les eines d'anàlisi espacial a través dels Sistemes d'Informació Geogràfica (SIG) derivats dels requeriments en la gestió i planificació socio-ambiental. L'objectiu general és que l'estudiant desenvolupi habilitats per interpretar i usar dades espacials digitals i estableixi els fonaments per un ús autònom.
Llengua: Català.
Titulació: Estudis Interdisciplinaris en Sostenibilitat Ambiental, Econòmica i Social [4313784]
Pla d'estudis: Estudis Interdisciplinaris en Sostenibilitat Ambiental, Econòmica i Social [1159]

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