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Advanced Macroeconomics and Finance [40102]
Abhyankar, Abhay
Rute Cardoso, Ana
Fernández-Blanco, Javier
Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
Gambetti, Luca
Guner, Nezih
Licandro, Omar
Marcet, Albert
Rodríguez, Hugo
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat d'Economia i Empresa

Data: 2014-15
Resum: This module presents some of the most widely used theoretical and empirical models in modern macroeconomics. By providing the student with solid theoretical foundations, the goal of this module is to bring the student to frontier applications in macroeconomics and open new lines of research. The models seen in this module can be learned from the fields of labor economics, international macroeconomics, monetary policy and fiscal policy. Labor economics uses heterogeneous agent models and search and matching models to understand, among others, labor demand and supply, economic inequality and fluctuations in the labor market. International economics builds models of international trade and assesses their empirical relevance, explaining, for example, the role of exchange rate fluctuations in a financial crisis. Monetary policy focuses on both theoretical and empirical aspects of monetary policy and the business cycle. Fiscal policy builds advanced models to design efficient fiscal policies and understand their effects.
Llengua: Anglès
Titulació: 4313805 [4313805]
Pla d'estudis: Màster Universitari en Anàlisi Econòmica / Economic Analysis [979] ; Anàlisi Econòmica / Economic Analysis [1165]

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