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Piscicultura [102671]
Sala Pallarés, Roser
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Veterinària

Títol variant: Fish Farming
Data: 2015-16
Resum: The main objective of the Fish Farming course is that students delve into fish maintenance and production. They will get to know the factors that determine and affect the profitability of production (water needs, breeding, types of facilities, prevention of diseases . . . ) not only in fish intended for human consumption but also those aimed at a more playful (ornamental fish. The content is divided into four units. Unit 1: it covers general aspects as basis of the main farming systems, species selection and culture site. Unit 2: it is focused in the management of the most important physiological aspects that affect production (breeding, genetics and nutrition). Unit 3: it includes the management of the different stages of production, including issues related to the sacrifice and product quality and environmental aspects. Unit 4: it is focused in the management of ornamental fish culture.
Llengua: Català.
Titulació: Veterinària [2502445]
Pla d'estudis: Graduat o Graduada en Veterinària [955]

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