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Bases de la Producció i Maneig Animal [103540]
Casals Costa, Ramón
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Veterinària

Títol variant: Animal Production and Handling
Data: 2015-16
Resum: This is a first-year course of basic type, where the main objective is to introduce students to the world of animal production and handling by studying the basic systems of production of animal food, and the main factors (biological, economic, environmental, etc . . . ) that affect the profitability of companies in each productive sector. In this course, the term "animal handling" refers to the handling of animal groups, both production and company. Knowledge of these principles is important to understand animal production and some aspects of animal health. It should be noted that a very high percentage of the students of our faculty have never had previous contact with livestock production. To help change this situation, the fact that students have a first opportunity to visit farms and understand the relationship between animal handling and animal production can be very important. Therefore, it is a subject that integrates different knowledge, with the aim of explaining the animal production systems, according to species in the context of a changing world where economic and environmental circumstances can modify the production of animal food. Some of the main aspects to be understood by students are: - The relative importance of the various productive sectors and production factors. - The operation of the main production systems of domestic species, integrating physiological and economic knowledge. - To evaluate technical and or economic index and competitive factors known to affect the profitability and sustainability of livestock. - The general principles involved in the maintenance and breeding of domestic animals. - The basics of livestock and understand that this activity is an important career opportunity for veterinarians.
Llengua: Català.
Titulació: Veterinària [2502445]
Pla d'estudis: Graduat o Graduada en Veterinària [955]

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