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Data Mining [43347]
Parraga, Carlos Alejandro
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Escola d'Enginyeria

Títol variant: Minería de Datos
Data: 2015-16
Resum: This module starts with an explanation of the basis of Data Mining, analysing how DM techniques contribute to the work of various disciplines specially within the fields of business, finance, merchandising, etc. We will follow by developing a basic architecture to extract information and present results in a useful and convincing manner. Finally, we will explain the most popular modelling techinques that are used nowdays in large datasets (including the WWW). We will compare the results of different techniques using basic evaluation and performance measures.
Llengua: Anglès.
Titulació: Computer Engineering [4314660]
Pla d'estudis: Enginyeria Informàtica / Computer Engineering [1269]

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