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El efecto diferencial de la instrucción incidental e intencional en el aprendizaje de las condiciones para la decisión de tiro en baloncesto
Perales, José C.
Cárdenas, David
Piñar, María Isabel
Sánchez, Guillermo
Courel, Javier

Título variante: Differential effect of incidental and intentional instruction in learning about decision-making conditions when shooting in basketball
Fecha: 2011
Resumen: Discriminative decision rule learning is a core ingredient in many interactive sports. This study presents a laboratory simulation experiment (an adaptation of a Go/No-go task) that focuses on the quantitative analysis of three important environmental determinants of shot selection in basketball: physical opposition, availability of rebound and availability of defensive balance. Our results show that these three criteria are incorporated into decisions at different rates. Moreover, the use of such criteria is differentially sensitive to intentional (vs. incidental) instruction. In practical terms, these results illustrate some of the potential limitations of decision-making training by mere task design, i. e. , without the coach’s explicit guidance.
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Lengua: Castellà.
Documento: article ; recerca ; publishedVersion
Materia: Decision-making ; Basketball ; Intentional instruction ; Incidental instruction
Publicado en: Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 20, Núm. 2 ( 2011) , p. 729-745, ISSN 1988-5636

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