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El entrenamiento de la toma de decisiones en el tenis: ¿qué fundamentos científicos se pueden aplicar en los programas de entrenamiento?
Carvalho, João
Araújo, Duarte
García González, Luis
Iglesias, Damián

Date: 2011
Abstract: This paper is a review of the research literature on decision-making in sports, especially tennis. It discusses the theoretical constructs underpinning the different approaches and the most frequently used methodological procedures and their limitations and shows the need for this practice to be based on scientific evidence and the performance of highlevel.
Abstract: tennis players. Based on the theoretical rationale of ecological dynamics, we put forward a new proposal for decisionmaking.
Abstract: training based on the manipulation of constraints. To wind up, the paper proposes several methodological suggestions to be taken into account in future research in the area of decision-making training in tennis.
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Language: Castellà.
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Subject: Training ; Decision making ; Tennis ; Ecological dynamics
Published in: Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 20, Núm. 2 ( 2011) , p. 767-783, ISSN 1988-5636

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