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Changes in wage structure in Mexico going beyond the mean : An analysis of differences in distribution, 1987-2008
Tello, Claudia
Ramos Lobo, Raúl
Artís Ortuño, Manuel
Xarxa de Referència en Economia Aplicada (XREAP)

Publicación: Xarxa de Referència en Economia Aplicada (XREAP) 2012
Descripción: 56 p.
Colección: XREAP ; 2012-07
Resumen: This paper conducts an empirical analysis of the relationship between wage inequality, employment structure, and returns to education in urban areas of Mexico during the past two decades (1987-2008). Applying Melly’s (2005) quantile regression based decomposition, we find that changes in wage inequality have been driven mainly by variations in educational wage premia. Additionally, we find that changes in employment structure, including occupation and firm size, have played a vital role. This evidence seems to suggest that the changes in wage inequality in urban Mexico cannot be interpreted in terms of a skill-biased change, but rather they are the result of an increasing demand for skills during that period.
Derechos: L'accés als continguts d'aquest document queda condicionat a l'acceptació de les condicions d'ús establertes per la següent llicència Creative Commons: Creative Commons
Lengua: Anglès.
Documento: workingPaper
Materia: 1987-2008 ; Salaris ; Igualtat retributiva ; Mèxic ; Wages ; Pay equity ; Mexico

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