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Nanoquímica [42267]
Bayón Rueda, Joan Pau (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Química)

Data: 2012-13
Resum: 1. - To give a general scope on interdisciplinary aspects of Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanochemistry. 2. - The make students familiar with physical and chemical properties of important nanometric structures together with their manufacturing and engineering processes for nanotechnological solutions. 3. - To develop abilities related to schematization and organization of information and capability for communicating their knowledge and conclusions on Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanochemistry. 4. - To understand basic physical-chemical properties of nanomaterials including simple designs and operation of the resulting biosensing systems 5. - The students should be able to distinguish different kind of membrane separation systems (polymeric, inorganic, porous, non-porous,…), types of applications of each, and different possible applications in different specialties (pharmaceuticals, metal separation, organics separation, medical applications, in agro-food area, etc. ). Also, different ways of membrane preparation and characterization should be known after attending the course.
Llengua: Català
Titulació: Nanotecnologia i Ciència de Materials / Nanotechnology and Materials Science [4313132]
Pla d'estudis: Màster Universitari en Nanotecnologia i Ciència de Materials / Nanotechnology and Materials Science [1096]

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