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D7.2 Tutorials and multimedia products / WaterInnEU
This deliverable includes the final tutorial and multimedia material concerning a series of products selected by the consortium through a process of screening the EU funded innovative solutions relevant to water basin management to be promoted by the WaterInnEU project. [...]
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12 p, 2.4 MB Deliverable D 7.3 E-learning platform / WaterInnEU
This deliverable describes the way the e-learning platform was structured and developed. This deliverable in then constituted by this report and by the e-learning platform software.
16 p, 1018.0 KB D5.4 Interoperability recommendations report / WaterInnEU
This deliverable is based on the results of the Interoperability Experiment and provides a list of practical recommendations to increase interoperability at different levels for tools and policy briefs.
23 p, 1.7 MB D8.1 Maritsa virtual marketplace experiment report / WaterInnEU
This report explains the experiences of the marketplace implementation and corresponding test, the tutorials, meetings, etc. , focused on the specifications and adaptations of Maritza river basin.
32 p, 3.1 MB D5.3 European funded activities interoperability public engineering report / WaterInnEU
This deliverable explains the WaterInnEU approach to standardization and interoperability issues in the water domain and it exposes the proposal solution for integrating data from different heterogeneous sources into a centralized hydrological model execution. [...]
16 p, 1.6 MB D8.2 Scheldt virtual marketplace experiment report / WaterInnEU
This report explains the involvement and interaction of the Scheldt stakeholders in the development of the project. This collaboration includes interviews, giving input on the design of the marketplace, attendance to stakeholders meetings and e-pitch event as well as input to the e-learning and the interoperability experiment. [...]
102 p, 8.6 MB D6.2 Final virtual Marketplace report / WaterInnEU
This report describes the final prototype of the virtual Marketplace in month 20 of the project. The prototype serves as a proof of concept for the Marketplace concepts and services defined in the other work packages.
17 p, 1.3 MB D5.5 : Sandardization label proposal / WaterInnEU
This deliverable (D 5. 5) presents the standardization label proposal in the framework of the activities into Work Package 5 Promote interoperable solutions. The label proposal is structured in three facets that correspond to three criteria: INSPIRE conformity (environmental criteria), WFD conformity (legal criteria) and OGC conformity (geospatial criteria), applied to the standardization and interoperability topics. [...]
27 p, 697.9 KB D1.3 Final data management plan / WaterInnEU ; Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals
The purpose of the Final Data Management Plan is to provide a definitive analysis of the elements of the data management policy that will be used with regard to all the datasets generated in the project. [...]
28 p, 1.7 MB D2.2 Water companies and solutions report / WaterInnEU ; Delft University of Technology
The water companies and solutions report presents the inventory of water companies that is intended to support the WaterInnEU market place as a forum where companies and organizations, as well as their solutions, can be found by water managers. [...]
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