Jordi Arbonés i Montull

Jordi Arbonés i Montull (Barcelona, 1929 - Bernal, Argentina, 2001) translated over 140 titles into Catalan and Castilian, almost all English and American narrative and drama of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to translation, he wrote poetry, fiction and drama. He is the author of several essays, especially on theatre and the work of Manuel de Tarrega, many articles on translation and prefaces to major works of many authors. From Argentina, where he lived from 1956 until his death, he worked for magazines such as Catalunya, Ressorgiment, Serra d'Or and Revista de Catalunya.
The Jordi Arbonés Chair of Translation was established by the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting and the Department of Translation and Interpreting, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on 21 May 2003, in order to study and disseminate the works of the second half of the twentieth century in the field of translation.
The collection contains numerous letters, original creative work (his own and others), personal documents, literary reviews to his work, books, photographs and audiovisual material.

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