Jaume Roca Torras (Manresa, 1928-Barcelona, 2012)
Veterinary degree from the Faculty of Zaragoza (1945-1950). In 1951 he joined the Academy of Military Health - Veterinary Section in Madrid as intended veterinarian Lieutenant 4th Military Region in Puigcerdá. His specialization in bacteriology and clinical analysis covers the period 1953-1954. In 1956 is intended to Equine Military Hospital in Barcelona, on which conducts it’s direction from 1970-1977. His military career as a Veterinary Coronel ends in 1983 with thirty years of exercise. As a local technical staff, becomes part of the Cuerpo Superior Veterinario in Barcelona borough council (1969-1993). In this place he specializes in sanitary food control and prevention of zoonotic diseases in city food trade markets.

On the animal nutrition field, Jaume encourages the promotion of intensive animal husbandry by compound feed, and exercises technical positions in different feed industries. As a Spanish representative participates in the Centre de Recherches Internationales of Animal Nutrition (CRINA) at Geneva (Switzerland) from 1965 to 1975. In 1963 joins Esteve Laboratories to create the Veterinary Division, which not leave until his retirement in 1993. A year before he doctorates from Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona with the first thesis on Catalan Veterinary History: "History of Veterinary Medicine in Catalonia (1400-1980)". He was also one of the prime movers of the Catalan Association of Veterinary History, as chair from 1998 to 2012.

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