Pere Calders
Since 1995 the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, by means of the management of the Catalan Philology Department, houses the Pere Calders collection. His legacy consists of personal and family documentation, professional activities and creative work: published and unpublished, correspondence and photographs.

Almost all the material of the collection has been digitized (concretely 2129 documents) and is available at the UAB Digital Repository of Documents. You will find near 250 documents related to his work of creation, many of them original manuscripts: journalistic articles, graphic stories, novels, graphic jokes… Within the collection the correspondence section is remarkable, a set of more than 780 letters, many of them from family correspondence, more than 400 letters Pere Calders sent to his parents during his exile in Mexico.

The number of preserved material from personal, family and professional documentation is more meager (little more than 80 documents altogether). You will find more than 1000 photographs. Most of the originals come from Calders family albums but there are also 17 unrevealed films containing family photographs from the period of maturity,when the writer had already returned to Catalonia.

It is necessary to observe that the documentation of Vicenç Caldés Arús, the father of Pere Calders, has also been included but not yet digitized.

The collection, definitively inventoried and catalogued, can be consulted at:

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