Rafael Tasis

Rafael Tasis (Barcelona, 1906 – Paris, 1966) was a writer, literary critic, bookseller, journalist and politician. He collaborated in La mainada, La publicitat, Mirador, Revista de Catalunya, Serra d’Or, La nostra revista, Pont blau, among others.

As a novelist, he published Sol ponent (1953), Abans d’ahir (1956) and Tres (1962). However, it is important to highlight his contribution to the crime novel, with titles like La Bíblia valenciana (1955), És hora de plegar (1956), Un crim al Paral·lelo (1960). He also wrote plays and history works, such as La vida del rei en Pere III (1957), Joan I, el rei caçador i músic (1959). As a literary critic, he wrote Una visió de conjunt de la novel·la catalana (1935), La literatura catalana moderna (1937), La novela catalana (1954). He translated works by Oscar Wilde and Aldous Huxley, among others.

In 1937 he was appointed general secretary of Acció Catalana and general director of the correctional services of the Generalitat de Catalunya. During the civil war he collaborated with the Propaganda Commissioner of the Generalitat. In 1939 he left for exile, from where he returned in 1948. During the last years in Barcelona he worked as a printer and bookseller maintaining his political and literary activity.

Description of the collection : The Tasis Collection is made up of the personal and professional documentation of Rafael Tasis i Marca. It consists basically of manuscripts of his work, correspondence, professional and personal documentation, etc. It has a total of 2975 documents, 1994 of which are letters.

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