Webometrics UAB among the top 100 according to the Ranking Web of World Universities

According to the Ranking Web of World Universities (Webometrics), UAB ranks 20 among European universities, 91 in the world ranking, and second among the universities in Spain. [+]

Students Changes in enrolment procedures for official master's degree 2012/13

The enrolment process this year has undergone some important changes. Here you will find information on these changes and a registration simulator. [+]

Trainee research staff positions UAB opens its 10th call for trainee research staff positions

UAB offers over one hundred positions in its tenth call for trainee research staff positions. Deadline for applications is 12 September 2012. [+]

Olympic champion Joel González Six UAB students win medals at the 2012 Olympic Games

Six athletes from different sports who won medals at the 2012 Olympic Games held in London are UAB students participating in the programme Tutoresport for elite athletes. [+]

Mireia González scored the highest mark amongst Autňnoma's first-year students The highest mark amongst Autònoma's first-year students

Mireia González scored 13.825, the highest mark of all new students enrolling at UAB. She will travel all the way from Jaén to enrol in the double degree of Physics and Maths, the degree with the highest entrance mark in Catalonia.

Inscriptions to the Open Science & Innovation Forum UAB-CIE opens

On 14 November UAB organises a networking area to foster relations among its researchers and the business sector, and present the knowledge transfer activities conducted by the UAB-CIE project. [+]

The Olympic Games begin with the participation of UAB students

UAB students are participating in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. These athletes have combined their academic classes with elite competitions thanks to the "Tutoresport" programme, a pioneer initiative in Spain. [+]

Lack of sediments and climate change threaten the Ebro Delta

According to a study determining the effects of climate change on the delta, combining more inflow of sand with the natural transport of sediments could be the best way to protect the delta. [+]

Croscat Volcano May Have Been the Last Volcanic Eruption in the peninsula less than 13 Thousand Years ago

Researchers at UAB, UdG and IPHES reconstructed the climate and vegetation of the area during the eruption. [+]

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