Elections Ferran Sancho and Pere Solà in the runoff election for UAB Rector

Professors Ferran Sancho and Pere Solą are the candidates for the runoff election for UAB Rector, which take place today, 31 May, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. [+]

Agreement signed between Cairo University and UAB UAB to collaborate with Cairo University

On 24 May a delegation from Cairo University visited UAB to sign new collaboration agreements in research and training. [+]

First Nanomedicine Workshop UAB-CEI organises the first Nanomedicine Workshop

Under the framework of the Campus of International Excellence, UAB-CEI organises the first workshop on nanomedicine on 5 June at the Hotel Campus in Bellaterra. [+]

Students UAB ranks 14 in the list of young universities

In the QS ranking of the top 50 universities under 50, UAB ranks 14 and occupies the best position of all universities in Spain. [+]

portal web Study in Catalonia Generalitat opens new portal to promote Catalonia's universities

The portal, multilingual, dynamic and personalised, offers foreign students information on the studies and procedures to follow to study in Catalonia. [+]

Presentation of the latest advances in "smart cities" at UAB

During the workshop on "Mobility and Transport in Smart Cities", organised by the UAB Research Park, researchers and professionals presented the latest innovations in this field. [+]

Resilient People More Satisfied with Life

A study conducted with psychology students and published in Behavioral Psychology reveals that individuals with greater ability to overcome adversities are more satisfied with life. [+]

Discovery of mechanisms predicting response to new treatments in colon cancer

Directed by the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) with the participation of UAB professors Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Josep Tabernero, the research was recently published in Nature Medicine. [+]

UAB creates a joint master's degree on Spanish language and literature

The new degree will be offered jointly by the UAB and the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea. [+]

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