Dissecting the apoptotic pathway of p53
Gasol Garcia, Ana
Farrés, Jaume, dir. (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Bioquímica i de Biologia Molecular)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Facultat de Biociències

Data: 2013
Descripció: 1 pag.
Resum: P53, also known as the "The guardian of the genome", was first described in 1979 as the first identified tumor suppressor gene. It is a crucial protein in cells, where regulates the cell cycle and it is important because of its role in conserving stability by preventing genome mutation. Our cells face many dangers, including chemicals, viruses and ionizing radiation. For instance, if key regulatory elements are damaged, the normal controls on cell growth may be blocked and the cell will rapidly multiply and grow into a tumor. p53 tumor suppressor is one of our defenses against this type of damage. It is normally found at low levels, but when DNA damage is sensed, its levels rise and it adopts its active tetramer conformation, and initiates protective measures acting as an "emergency brake". p53 binds to many regulatory sites in the genome, acting as a transcription factor, and begins production of proteins that halt cell division until the damage is repaired. Or, if the damage is too severe, it initiates the process of apoptosis, which directs the cell to commit suicide, permanently removing the damage. Therefore, the dissection of its apoptotic pathway it is of great importance to understand the key points of the mechanisms underlying in taking decisions and cell fate in order to design new cancer therapies.
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Llengua: Anglès
Titulació: Biotecnologia [2500253]
Pla d'estudis: Grau en Biotecnologia [815]
Document: bachelorThesis ; Text
Matèria: Cicle de la cèl·lula ; P53 ; Apoptosis ; Proteins in cells ; Cell cycle ; Apoptosi ; Proteïnes de les cèl·lules ; Cicle cel·lular

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