"Ce fameux bâton qu'on a dans sa giberne" : So you want to be an Assyrian Officer?
Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Center for Oriental Studies)

Fecha: 2015
Resumen: Ce fameux bâton qu'on a dans sa giberne", this famous staff we all have in our cartridge box, is a reference to a French proverb employed in the armies of Napoléon Ier. This quote meant that the most common private had virtually all the chances to receive the staff of field-marshall, the highest military dignity, in his cartridge box. Several French officers and field-marshals, mostly from the lowest social origins, came to power only thanks to their prowess during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. On a lot of aspects, the Revolutionary and Napoleonic armies can be comparedwith the Neo-Assyrian kisir šarruti, as long as polyvalence, meritocracy and organization are concerned. In that respect, a first census of all the skills demonstrated by the archers in the Neo-Assyrian army, and their relation to power, can help to understand how long and hard was the way to a commanding position, moreover for those of the lowest social origins.
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Lengua: Anglès
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Materia: Assyrian ; Archer ; Training ; Officer ; Warfare ; Tactics ; Drill ; Chariotry ; Alphabetization ; Command class ; Hierarchy ; Specialty ; Siegecraft ; Hospital ; Armouries
Publicado en: Historiae, Núm. 12 (2015) , p. 37-63 (Articles) , ISSN 1697-5456

Adreça alternativa: https://www.raco.cat/index.php/Historiae/article/view/305124

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