First Foreign Language 2 (French) [101183]
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Servei de Llengües
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Escola Universitària de Turisme i de Direcció Hotelera

Date: 2018-19
Abstract: Knowledge-related objectives Students acquire the knowledge of the language described in section 5 of this document. They also develop communicative competences in oral and written interaction, being able to do the following at the end of the second year: 1. Use French as a vehicular language in class. 2. Understand and use adequately simple formulas for social interaction. 3. Have interiorised the rhythm and intonation of the French language. 4. Read texts in specialised language (tourism). 5. Understand brief spoken messages (news items, announcements, telephone messages) given by speakers using standard forms of the language about topics from professional life. Copy and dictate telephone messages and answer the messages adequately. Transmit the information. 6. Select the relevant information from a longer spoken or written message according to needs. 7. Describe and compare people, places and things and, if necessary choose the best. 8. Fill in forms and other documents asking for personal information and an evaluation of services. 9. Have a conversation relation to situations of professional social interaction and topic of more personal interest. 10. Suggest, invite or advise in everyday situations both in personal and professional environments. 11. Write simple texts about everyday situations and professional reports. 12. Describe things related to personal experiences.
Language: Anglès.
Study plan: Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

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