A short guide to translation. Specifically aimed at translators of Buddhism
Orozco-Jutorán, Mariana (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Data: 2010
Descripció: 33 pàg.
Resum: This guide has been written specifically to provide translators of Buddhist texts, most of whom are volunteers and have no formal training in the field of translation, with a basic knowledge so that they can look at their translations in a new light and perhaps improve upon the quality of their translated texts. In no way does it aim to take the place of a course in written translation. It is also not a textbook providing an in-depth knowledge of how to translate. What it does do is set the ground rules for translating in order to make readers think about, and ultimately question, any preconceived ideas they may have about translation.
Drets: Tots els drets reservats.
Llengua: Anglès
Document: Objecte d'aprenentatge

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