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15 p, 3.2 MB Phase equilibria and P-T-X (Fe-Mg) relations involving GT-St-Cd-Als-Bi-Mu-Qz-Kfs-H20 in medium-high grade metapelites (KFASH,KMASH and KFMASH systems) / Sebastián Castellanos, Alfredo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Geologia) ; Martínez Fernández, Francisco José
En rocas metapelíticas de diversas áreas en el Hercínico de la Península Ibérica se observan a menudo las siguientes reacciones: Estaurolita + moscovita + cuarzo = biotita + Al2SiO5+ H2O Granate + moscovita = Al2SiO5 + biotita ± cuarzo Biotita + Al2SiO5 + cuarzo = cordierita + feldespato potásico + H2O. [...]
In different areas of the Hercynian in the Iberian Peninsula sorne reactions are repeatedly observed in pelites, these reactions are: Staurolite + muscovite + quartz = Biotite+ Al2SiOs+ H20 Garnet + muscovite = AI2SiOs+ biotite+ quartz Biotite + Al2SiOs + quartz = Cordierite + K feldspar+Hp In order to examinate the P-T stability fields of tbese, and otber similar reactions, aH the univariant equilibria in multisystems with Gt-Cd-St-Bi-Mu-Als-Qz-HP, Gt-St-Bi-Mu-Fk-AIs-QzHp and Cd-St-Bi-Mu-Fk-AIs-Qz-H20 in Kp-FeO-AI20 r Si02-H20 (KFASH) system have been calculated, and their corresponding P-T grids have been constructed. [...]

1989 - 10.3989/egeol.89455-6498
Estudios geológicos, Vol. 45, Núm. 5-6 (1989) , p. 251-265  

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