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11 p, 456.0 KB Paleocurrent reconstruction of the deep Pacific inflow during the middle Miocene : reflections of East Antarctic Ice Sheet growth / Hall, Ian R. (Cardiff University. School of Earth and Ocean Sciences) ; McCave, I. Nicholas (University of Cambridge. Department of Earth Sciences) ; Zahn, Rainer (Universitat de Barcelona. Grup de Recerca Consolidat en Geociències Marines) ; Carter, Lionel (National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (Nova Zelanda)) ; Knutz, Paul C. (University of Copenhagen. Geological Institute) ; Weedon, Graham P. (University of Luton. Centre for Environmental Change and Volcanic Studies)
Today the deep western boundary current (DWBC) east of New Zealand is the most important route for deep water entering the Pacific Ocean. Large-scale changes in deep water circulation patterns are thought to have been associated with the development of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) close to the main source of bottom water for the DWBC. [...]
2003 - 10.1029/2002PA000817
Paleoceanography, Vol. 18, Issue 2 (June 2003) , p.1040  

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