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15 p, 650.6 KB Formation versus Hydrolysis of the Peptide Bond from a Quantum-mechanical Viewpoint : the Role of Mineral Surfaces and Implications for the Origin of Life / Rimola, Albert (Università di Torino. Dipartimento di Chimica IFM) ; Ugliengo, Piero (Università di Torino. Dipartimento di Chimica IFM) ; Sodupe Roure, Mariona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Química)
The condensation (polymerization by water elimination) of molecular Building blocks to yield the first active biopolymers (e. g. of amino acids to form peptides) during primitive Earth is an intriguing question that nowadays still remains open since these processes are thermodynamically disfavoured in highly dilute water solutions. [...]
2009 - 10.3390/ijms10030746
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Vol. 10 Núm. 3 (february 2009) , p. 746-760  

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