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16 p, 872.5 KB Modelling the cardiovascular system for assessing the blood pressure curve / Myers, T. G. (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica) ; Ribas Ripoll, Vicent (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica) ; Sáez de Tejada Cuenca, Anna (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica) ; Mitchell, Sarah L. (University of Limerick. Department of Mathematics and Statistics) ; McGuinness, Mark J. (Victoria University of Wellington. Statistics and Operations Research)
A four compartment model of the cardiovascular system is developed. To allow for easy interpretation and to minimise the number of parameters, an effort was made to keep the model as simple as possible. [...]
2017 - 10.1186/s40929-017-0011-1
Mathematics-in-industry case studies, Vol. 8 (April 2017) , art. 2  

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