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23 p, 4.8 MB Intelligent Control of a Distributed Energy Generation System Based on Renewable Sources / Vlad, Ciprian (University of Galati) ; Barbu, Marian (University of Galati) ; Vilanova i Arbós, Ramon (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Department of Telecommunication and Systems Engineering)
The control of low power systems, which include renewable energy sources, a local network, an electrochemical storage subsystem and a grid connection, is inherently hierarchical. The lower level consists of the wind energy sources (power limitation at rated value in full load regime and energy optimization in partial load regime) and photovoltaic (energy conversion optimization) control systems. [...]
2016 - 10.3390/su8080748
Sustainability, Vol. 8 (August 2016) , p. 748  

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