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120x177, 5.0 KB Coberta CWPL - Vol. 5, núm. 2 (1996)
Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics, V. 5 n. 2 (1996) p. 0-0  
15 p, 433.3 KB The Syntactic Information in the 'Diccionario Crítico Etimológico Castellano e Hispánico' by J. Corominas and J.A. Pascual as Expressed in the Database 'Syntax.Dbf' / Batllori, Montse ; Pujol, Isabel ; Sánchez Lancis, Carlos Eliseo
This paper focuses on the structure of a syntactic relational database which includes all the syntactic information contained in the Diccionario Critico Etimológico Castellano e Hispánico, by J . Corominas and J. [...]
L'objectiu d'aquest article és presentar l'estructura de la base de dades relacional que inclou tota la informació sintictica continguda en el Diccionario Critico Etimológico Castellano e Hispánico de J. [...]

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics, V. 5 n. 2 (1996) p. 153-167  
13 p, 371.9 KB A Case Study on Head Movement Comparative Clauses / Donati, Caterina
According to Chomsky (1995), movement is simply feature movement for checking and the "generalized pied-piping" which shows up in overt syntax is just due to phonological reasons. In this paper I point out that this approach cannot be right, in that the distinction between X and XP movement does exist minimally in syntax, independently from any phonological consideration. [...]
Segons Chomsky (1995), l'operació de trasllat es redueix al trasllat de trets per a la seva comprovació, i el trasllat amb arrossegament generalitzat que es produeix en la sintaxi explícita es deu simplement a raons fonològiques. [...]

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics, V. 5 n. 2 (1996) p. 169-181  
30 p, 770.8 KB Aspectual Properties of Spanish Absolute Small Clauses / Marín Gálvez, Rafael (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Filologia Espanyola)
The major aim of this paper consists in determining the aspectual constraints affecting absolute small clauses (ASCs) headed by a past participle. A detailed analysis of these constructions seems to indicate that there are enough arguments to postulate the existence of two types of ASCs: those having an NP direct internal argument (AASCs), and those in which this NP is phonetically unrealized (PASCs). [...]
L'objectiu principal d'aquest article consisteix a intentar determinar les restriccions aspectuals que afecten les oraciones reduïdes absolutes (ORAs) el nucli de les quals és un participi. Una anàlisi detallada d'aquest tipus de construccions sembla indicar que hi ha arguments suficients per postular l'existència de dos tipus d'ORAs: aquelles que contenen un SN argument intern directe i aquelles en les quals aquest SN es troba elidit. [...]

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics, V. 5 n. 2 (1996) p. 183-212  
18 p, 603.7 KB Feature Movement without Pied-Piping in the Overt Syntax / Lee, Man-Ki
Chomsky (1995) proposes that all movement is in essence feature movement and that in overt syntax we find whole categories moved only because PF convergence requires pied-piping. However, in this paper it is proposed that the formal features of a lexical argument can also move in the overt syntax in some occasions, instead of only in covert syntax, as long as the feature movement does not cause any problems for PF convergence. [...]
Chomsky (1995) proposa que tot trasllat és essencialment trasllat de trets i que en la sintaxi explícita trobem trasllat de categories només perquè la convergència a la forma fonètica requereix trasllat amb arrossegament. [...]

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics, V. 5 n. 2 (1996) p. 213-230  
51 p, 1.6 MB On the Relation between DP and TP. The Structure of Basque Infinitivals
The most relevant facts concerning Basque infinitivals can be plausibly captured by assurning that they are headed by a determiner and they contain a tensed Infl. The presence of a determiner explains why some kinds of Basque infinitivals require a Case-marking and why they are allowed in some contexts where any other kind of clause is avoided, namely, subject positions. [...]
Es pot donar compte de forma plausible dels fets més rellevants que afecten els infinitius del basc si assumim que van encapealats per un determinant i que contenen un Infl amb propietats temporals. [...]

Catalan Working Papers in Linguistics, V. 5 n. 2 (1996) p. 231-281  

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