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5 p, 1.2 MB Índice / Escudero Chauvel, Lucrecia (Universidad de Lille 3)
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 1-8  
5 p, 2.0 MB La ingeniería del imaginario, del arte al espectáculo / Gubern, Román 1934- (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
In the field of aesthetic practices, technique plays a generative or mediating function. The article analyzes the different transformations that techinque has produced in the field of literature -stimulating individual or cultural, textual productivity.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 19-26  
7 p, 3.0 MB Artes del espectáculo y nuevas tecnologías / Paz Gago, José María (Universidade da Coruña)
The semiotic relationship between theatrical performance and technology is as old as Western civilization itself. Since the ancient Greeks, theatre has not only experimented actively with the most innovative inventions of each age, but has also served as a base for experimentation with all types of mechanisms: from spotlights and other devices for illumination and projection to the most advanced audiovisual inventions -analogue or digital, simulated or virtual. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 27-38  
7 p, 2.9 MB Do sígno à qualidade sígnica. Sobre a poeticidade da línguagem audiovisual : a percepção digitalizada e a superação da medialidade / Bisanz, Elize (Universidad de Lüneburg)
Art as a sign-system is embedded in the very texture of culture and reflects its structure both at the simple representational level, which is understood as one of sensory information, and at a meta-representational level, which is one of symbolic activity. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 39-50  
7 p, 2.9 MB O artista como cientista / Flach, Sabine (Centro de Estudos Literários de Berlim)
Contemporary media arts are examined in the context of current forms of representation, mediation, and storage of knowledge. If we understand art not as a system of visualizing what we already know, but in its capacity to generate new knowledge, then we realize that the arts can participate in the active production of knowledge and knowledge systems. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 51-62  
6 p, 2.6 MB Acerca del arte elecrónico-digital y de la recodificación retórica / Peñuela Cañizal, Eduardo (Universidad de San Pablo)
The paper discusses the role of rhetoric in the digital arts. Its aims are to present a new approach to the aesthetic aspects of the electronic and digital media and to explore the possibilities of establishing, in a coherent manner, relations of continuity between different and conflicting paradigms.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 63-72  
6 p, 2.4 MB O ciberespaço, a vida e a arte / Leão, Lucia (UNICAMP)
The idea of connecting art and life is present in some projects of net-art that call upon the participation of people. In this article, we initiate a discussion presenting the concept of cyberspace in its plurality; we propose a revision of art history's moments that had choose the ordinary man as the main protagonist; we sketch an "archaeology of interactivity" reflecting on Lygia Clark's projects; and we enter the "fight against the alienation of the man", the situationists' proposal that is revisited by cyber art.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 73-83  
6 p, 2.3 MB Entre a arte e a tecnologia : o corpo como motor da obra / Arantes, Priscila (PUC/SP)
The evolution of art, from its phase of modernity up to its most recent trends, has shown a growing interest in phenomena of life. In the course of this process, concepts and practices linked to traditional aesthetics, such as pictorial representation by means of traditional media, and conventional places of exhibition, such as museums or art galleries, have more and more been abandoned -and spectators have been assigned a more participative role in art with the aim to break with the contemplative muteness of traditional aesthetics. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 85-94  
6 p, 2.5 MB Estética y cibercultura : arte en el contexto de la segregación dromocrática avanzada / Trivinho, Eugênio Rondini (Universidad de San Pablo)
After a long indexation from primitive ritual, religion, aristocratic regime, bourgeois logic, Nazi threat, bureaucratic socialism, and the market, art experiences its fatal complicity, the vision of its own desire for innovation: the fusion with digital products, media, and networks, vectors of the immaterial and interactive phase of the capital -the cyber culture. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 95-104  
7 p, 2.9 MB La muerte de la fotografía / Nöth, Winfried (Universidad de Kassel)
The "death of photography" is a metaphor of the advent of digital photography. It refers to the end of a medium whose messages were indexical signs of referential objects. Digital image making creates pictures which have lost their referent, but such loss of the photographic referent already existed in traditional photography. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 105-116  
5 p, 2.1 MB Seis propuestas para los próximos minutos / Bastos, Marcus (Universidad Católica de San Pablo)
This paper discusses some usages of the audio-visual language of the digital media in dialogue with theoretical positions of authors such as Lev Manovich, Janet Murray, and Marc Lafia. The text analyzes works by Kiko Goifman, Laurie Anderson, Mark Amerika, and Gisell Beiguelman, among others, who explore audio-visual resources on CD-ROM and in the Internet -developing interfaces that are still restricted to the limits of the screen, or exploring technologies that go beyond the boundaries of the screen.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 117-125  
6 p, 2.3 MB El realismo conceptual de ambientes en realidad virtual : de la contemplación a la inmersión / Domingues, Diana (Universidade de Tuiuti)
The author discusses esthetic, artistic, historical, communicational, and technical aspects of virtual reality (VR) with examples from contemporary art. She comments on the nature of those immersive three-dimensional worlds, which offer degrees of realism according to responses of the behaviors of the interactors. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 127-136  
6 p, 2.5 MB Cuerpos carnales y cuerpos alternativos / Santaella, Lucia (Universidad Católica de San Pablo)
Among the theorists of virtual environments, the ambivalence of embodiment and disembodiment, as well as the physical and mental effects experienced in virtual environments, is much discussed. The dichotomy of the "real" vs. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 137-146  
5 p, 2.0 MB Ambientes inteligentes : Bodyarchitecture / Cantoni, Rejane (PUC-SP)
This paper provides an overview of a current research project on intelligent environments. The aim of intelligent environments is to study and develop new ways of moving beyond the dominant model of Graphical User Interface (GUI). [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 147-154  
7 p, 2.9 MB Naufragios colectivos y personales en el cine argentino contemporáneo / Kantaris, Geoffrey (Universidad de Cambridge)
This article examines three Argentine films from the 1990s, which can be seen in retrospect to have initiated a set of powerful new responses to the social and economic crises of neo-liberal Argentina. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 155-166  
7 p, 2.9 MB Proyectar la Historia : testimonio, denuncia y memoria en el cine argentino posdictadura / Triquell, Ximena (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
This paper analyzes a series of films that, in different ways, seeks to represent the last Argentine dictatorship. The possibility of interpreting the thematic and formal recurrences of the films, as a defining characteristic of a specific series, is posed as a first hypothesis. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 167-178  
7 p, 2.7 MB Homosexuales y tropos espaciales en el cine argentino intimista (1965-1976) / Olivera, Guillermo (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
This paper analyses a corpus of the intimistic Argentine cinema produced within the period 1965-76, constituted by three films: La flaca (Ayala 1968), Juan Lamaglia y señora (De la Torre 1969) and La tregua (Renán 1974). [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 179-191  
6 p, 2.5 MB Un itinerario técnico para un cine moderno / Choi, Domin (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
A short excursion through the history of movies from a technical point of view. The article develops the "meeting" of modern cinema with digital technology, publicity and television through the theorizations of Bazin, Daney, and Deleuze.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 193-202  
6 p, 2.5 MB Silvia Prieto y el "otro" nuevo cine argentino / La Valle, Fernando
This text analyzes some formal aspects in Silvia Prieto, a 1998 film by Martín Rejtman. It pursues the elucidation of significant elements aimed at the future development of the filmmaker's poetics, its possible links with a certain cinematic tradition, along with calling attention to a trend, which the author of the article ranks among the most important ones in today's Argentine cinema.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 203-212  
7 p, 3.0 MB La utopía de la traducción / Pellerey, Roberto (Universidad de Bolonia)
This article discusses the last edited book of Umberto Eco (2003) and examines the process of translation -considering it as one of the items of interpretation. Eco inserts this activity among the different items of possible interpretations. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 215-226  
2 p, 782.4 KB Ressenya / Bertetti, Paolo
Obra ressenyada: Paolo FABBRI, Isabella PEZZINI (eds. ), Le avventure di Pinocchio. Tra un linguaggio e l'altro. Roma: Meltemi, 2003, 312 pp. Gianfranco MARRONE, Montalbano. Affermazioni e trasformazioni di un eroe mediatico. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 227-228  
1 p, 446.8 KB Ressenya / Van Mechelen, Marga
Obra ressenyada: Arjen MULDER, Maaike POST, Boek voor de elektronische kunst [Livro para a arte electrônica]. Rotterdam: V2 & NAi Publishers, 2000, 184 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 228-229  
2 p, 919.8 KB Ressenya / Nöth, Winfried (Universidad de Kassel)
Obra ressenyada: Diana DOMINGUES (ed. ), Arte y vida en el siglo XXI: ciencia, tecnología y creatividad. San Pablo: Editora UNESP, 2003, 384 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 229-230  
2 p, 931.2 KB Ressenya / Ljungberg, Christina
Obra ressenyada: Roy ASCOTT, Telematic embrace [O abraço telemático]. Visionary Theories of Art, Technology and Consciousness. Berkeley: University of California Press, 428 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 231-232  
1 p, 458.2 KB Ressenya / Santaella, Lucia (Universidad Católica de San Pablo)
Obra ressenyada: Oliver GRAU, Virtual art. From illusion to immersion. Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2003, 416 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 232-233  
2 p, 893.1 KB Ressenya / Neitzel, Britta
Obra ressenyada: Heide HAGEBÖLLING (ed. ), Interactive dramaturgies. New Approaches in Multimedia Content and Design. Berlín, Heidelberg, Nueva York: Springer, 2004, 260 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 233-234  
1 p, 439.8 KB Ressenya / Ljungberg, Christina
Obra ressenyada: Gerhard Johann LISCHKA, Peter WEIBEL (eds. ), Die Kunst der Medien, die Medien der Kunst. Bern: Benteli, 2004, 219 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 234-235  
2 p, 887.8 KB Ressenya / Mello, Christine
Obra ressenyada: Maria Beatriz DE MEDEIROS (ed. ), Arte e tecnologia na cultura contemporànea. Brasília: Dupligráfica Editora, 2002, 328 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 235-236  
1 p, 452.9 KB Ressenya / Tavares, Roger
Obra ressenyada: Lucia SANTAELLA, Culturas e artes do pós-humano: Da cultura das mídias à cibercultura. San Pablo: Paulus, 2003, 360 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 237  
1 p, 448.4 KB Ressenya / Mattoni, Silvio
Obra ressenyada: Susana ROMANO-SUED, Jan Mukarovsky y la fundación de una nueva estética. Córdoba: Epoké ediciones, Colección Breviarios teóricos, 2001, 64 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 238-239  
2 p, 926.8 KB Ressenya / Arán, Pampa Olga
Obra ressenyada: Ricardo L. COSTA, Danuta T. MOZEJKO, El discurso como práctica. Lugares desde donde se escribe la historia. Rosario: Homo Sapiens Ediciones, 2001.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 239-240  
2 p, 944.9 KB Ressenya / Dalmasso, María Teresa
Obra ressenyada: Danuta Teresa MOZEJKO, Ricardo Lionel COSTA (eds. ), Lugares del decir. Competencia social y estrategias discursivas. Homo Sapiens Ediciones, Rosario, 2002, 269 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 240-242  
1 p, 466.6 KB Ressenya / Boria, Adriana
Obra ressenyada: Fabricio FORASTELLI, Ximena TRIQUELL (eds. ), Las marcas del género: configuraciones de la diferencia en la cultura. Centro de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, 1999, 210 pp.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 242-243  
1 p, 465.9 KB Ressenya / Ammann, Ana Beatriz (Universidad de Córdoba)
Obra ressenyada: María Teresa DALMASSO, Adriana BORIA (eds. ), El discurso social argentino. 1. Memoria: 70/90; el discurso social argentino. 2. Sujeto: norma/transgresión; el discurso social argentino. [...]
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 244-245  
2 p, 792.1 KB Ressenya / Servetto, Alicia
Obra ressenyada: Adriana BORIA, Graciela FERRERO, María Magdalena UZIN, Gloria BUSTOS, Susana GÓMEZ, Santiago ESTESO; 1973 Córdoba. Tiempos violentos. El discurso social. Dirección General de Publicaciones, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, 1997.
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 245-247  
6 p, 1.8 MB Agenda / Escudero Chauvel, Lucrecia (Universidad de Lille 3)
DeSignis, Núm. 10 (Octubre 2006) , p. 249-258  

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