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1 p, 53.8 KB Índice
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 0-0  
1 p, 36.3 KB Editorial
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4477
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 1-1  
12 p, 553.3 KB El paradigma de las concepciones alternativas y la formación de los profesores de ciencias / Vázquez Alonso, Ángel (Universitat de les Illes Balears. Departament de Pedagogia Aplicada i Psicologia de l'Educació)
The pre-service education of science teachers is empirically studied in the framework provided by the paradigm of alternative conceptions by means of 13 simple usual Physics questions. The rates of pre-service teachers' alternative conceptions show a strong resemblance with those found in previous research even with students. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4478
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 3-14  
7 p, 347.7 KB Geología, ciencias de la tierra, ciencias de la naturaleza : paisaje de un aprendizaje global / Anguita, G.
Notwithstanding its profound contributions to modern Science, Geology importance in Science Education has been (and still is) continuously dwindling. This situation is universal and has historic roots. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4479
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 15-21  
8 p, 392.3 KB Evaluación del proyecto curricular "naturaleza en la ciudad" / Membiela Iglesia, Pedro (EU de Formación del Profesorado de EGB. Ourense.) ; Suárez Pazos, Mercedes (Universidade de Vigo. Departamento de Didáctica, Organización Escolar e Métodos de Investigación) ; Nogueiras Hermida, Emilia (IB Otero Pedrayo (Ourense))
The internal evaluation of a Natural History curricular project is shown, which is carried out within the framework of educational research action, through triangular prospection of opinion from students, teachers and external advisers.
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4480
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 22-29  
9 p, 371.0 KB Simulación mediante ordenador de movimientos bidimensionales en medios resistentes / Martínez-Jiménez, P. ; León Álvarez, J. ; Pontes Pedrajas, Alfonso
We have accomplished a simulation program of mechanics; it is developed in laboratory practice by students in their first years of physics studies ata University level. Its aim is a better understanding of the influence of the variable forces of friction in bidimensional movements. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4481
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 30-38  
6 p, 187.0 KB Análisis de errores conceptuales en geología a partir de las expresiones gráficas de los estudiantes / Lillo Beviá, J.
Detection of misconceptions by pupil's drawings permits us to have evidence of some misconceptions wich would have gone unnoticed interpreting only their vocal or writing expressions. Investigation on fossil and fossilisation, internal structure of the Earth, origin of mountains and others, reinforces the previous affirmation and permits us to recommend the non-utilisation of sequential drawings containing high conceptual charge, in order to simplify complex geological processes, because that simplification generates new misconceptions.
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4482
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 39-44  
12 p, 724.0 KB La matemática escolar como lenguaje : nuevas perspectivas de investigación y enseñanza / Rojano, T. (Cinvestav-IPN (Mèxic). Departamento de Matemática Educativa)
In this article we have made a collection of the focuses and trends in the research on school mathematics considered as a language, which has characterized the research in the 80s and the beginning of the 90s -in contrast with the 70s decade, when the construction of concepts was thought of as the central objective of studying. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4483
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 45-56  
6 p, 313.3 KB Elaboración y utilización de audiovisuales en la enseñanza de la química / Llitjós Viza, Anna ; Estopà Miró, C. ; Miró Clària, A.
This article shows the process of elaboration, and the optimal conditions for their use, of audiovisuals as backup material for chemistry classes. We distinguish between producing videos for interna1 and external use. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4484
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 57-62  
3 p, 138.3 KB Introducción de demostraciones prácticas para la enseñanza de la física en las aulas universitarias / Vázquez Dorrío, J. B. ; García Parada, E. ; González Fernández, P.
An analysis about utility, characteristics and structure of the so called «practical demonstrations» is presented in order to introduce a dynamic element in the classroom. Although in apparent contradiction with didactic modern trends that proclaim «what students are able to do by themselves, teachers should not do "practical demonstrations" should be placed in an active methodological approach as a complement in the exposition of the contents, getting some importance concerning student passivity, lack of didactic facilities and high number of students per classroom.
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4485
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 63-65  
6 p, 363.6 KB Hacia unas bases teóricas de la educación ambiental / González Gaudiano, E. (Instituto Nacional de Ecología (Mèxic)) ; Alba Ceballos, A. (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
This essay intends to provide theoretical tools to analyze and formulate environmental education projects. The article works on theory concept, contrasting different intelectual traditions: positivism, interpretative and critical, in order to illustrate its function in the explanation of reality. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4486
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 66-71  
6 p, 223.8 KB Química orgánica para estudiantes de ingeniería de minas e ingeniería metalúrgica / Maurelia Gómez, R.
Organic Chemistry is usually related to agricultural, pharmaceutical, alimentary, petroleum and derivate industries among others. However, the use of organic substances in other different industrial fields, like mining and metallurgy has increased and it is hoped that this increment will go on in the future. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4487
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 72-77  
10 p, 604.4 KB Vino viejo en botellas nuevas : un problema con la epistemología constructivista / Matthews, M. R.
This article deals with what the autor regards as a fatal epistemological error in the constructivist doctrine: its theory maintains the Aristotelian-empiricist epistemological paradigm. However, good constructivist pedagogy could be rescued from the deficient theory that parented it if we made a clear distinction between real and theoretical objects; and knowledge is recognised as a process of intellectual production working with real objects that have been described, apprehended, or incorporated by a theoretical object.
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4488
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 79-88  
8 p, 471.8 KB Epistemología, caos y enseñanza de las ciencias / Luffiego García, Máximo ; Bastida, M. F. ; Ramos, F. ; Soto, J.
In this article it is maintained that modern science is going through a critical period where its epistemological assumptions and the use of a parcelling and reductionist methodology are questioned. This will surely have important implications in the teaching of the sciences, perhaps because the world today demands above all an epistemological change in the people who, within a few years, will occuppy the posts in the production and reproduction of scientific and technical knowledge.
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4489
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 89-96  
4 p, 229.7 KB Más allá del positivismo : una interpretación lakatosiana de la enseñanza de las ciencias / Níaz, M.
The history of science shows that positivism was the dominant philosophy from about the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. The main objective of this article is to present a critique of positivist ideas and show how the new philosophy of science, as represented by Lakatos, has important implications for science education.
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4490
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 97-100  
6 p, 345.5 KB História da ciência x aprendizagem : algumas semalhanças detectadas a partir de um estudo psicogenético sobre las idéias que evoluem para a noção de campo de força / Nardi, R.
In this article, based upon a psychogenetic study on the ideas which evolve to the concept of field of force, we show some students' conceptions which seem to be similar to others found in the History of Science. [...]
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4491
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 101-106  
5 p, 355.8 KB Reseñas bibliográficas
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4493
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 107-111  
16 p, 1.2 MB Selecciones bibliográficas temáticas
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4494
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 112-127  
1 p, 35.6 KB Presentación de revistas
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4495
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 127-127  
2 p, 96.8 KB Tesis didácticas
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4492
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 128-129  
3 p, 190.3 KB Reseñas de congresos
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4496
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 129-131  
1 p, 59.6 KB Noticias
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4497
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 132-132  
9 p, 495.3 KB Debates
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4498
Enseñanza de las ciencias, V. 12 n. 1 (1994) p. 133-141  
1 p, 32.5 KB Grupos de trabajo
1994 - 10.5565/rev/ensciencias.4499
Enseñanza de las ciencias, Vol. 12 Núm. 1 (1994) , p. 142 (Notícias)  

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