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14 p, 158.0 KB ¿Qué puede hacer un profesor como tú o un alumno como el tuyo con un libro de texto como éste? Una relación de actividades poco convencionales / Campanario, Juan Miguel
In this paper I suggest some non conventional activities and tasks for teachers and students to be carried out using usual science textbooks. These activities and tasks are intended to foster a deeper processing of information from the textbook and to foster learning about their own learning by students.
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 351-364  
12 p, 90.6 KB Finalidades de la enseñanza de las ciencias en la Secundaria obligatoria. ¿Alfabetización científica o preparación propedéutica? / Furió, C. ; Vilches, A. ; Guisasola, J. ; Romo, V.
The purpose of this work is to find out the teachers' opinions regarding the aims and objectives of the teaching of science, within the frame of the educational reform. We attempt to disclose to what extent educational thinking gives priority to the training of the students in scientific concepts, laws and theories needed in further courses (propedeutic training) and how this thinking pays less attention to the so-called scientific literacy which is meant to be the main object of the teaching of science according to the designers of the curriculum. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 365-376  
16 p, 222.4 KB Reconstruyendo el constructivismo : hacia un modelo evolucionista del aprendizaje de conceptos / Luffiego García, Máximo
In this article we are presented one point of view about the two debates opened up in this journal: those of constructivism and of conceptual change. This article sets forth the formulation of a kind of constructivism based on a systemic and evolucionist perspective, a constructivism which assumes the objectivity of knowledge and which rejects any relativist positions. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 377-392  
11 p, 94.8 KB Diseño y evaluación de una propuesta para la enseñanza del concepto de "campo" en Física / Martín, José (Centro de Profesores y Recursos (Guadalajara)) ; Solbes Matarredona, Jordi (IES J. Rodrigo Botet (Manises))
The concept of "field" presents a special relevance in Physics. However, its teaching offers a series of difficulties and deficiencies that have been analysed by us in previous investigations. According to our analysis and research by other authors, we have elaborated a new proposal for the introduction of this concept in Secondary Education and High School. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 393-403  
10 p, 87.0 KB Significados institucionales de la demostración : implicaciones para la educación matemática / Godino, Juan D. (Universidad de Granada. Departamento de Didáctica de la Matemática) ; Recio, Ángel M. (Universidad de Córdoba. Departamento de Matemáticas e Informática)
In this paper the following main features of the meaning of proof in different institutional contexts, logic and foundations of mathematics, professional mathematics, experimental sciences, daily life and teaching of mathematics are analysed. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 405-414  
17 p, 219.4 KB Las Relaciones entre familias de prismas : una experiencia con estudiantes de Magisterio / Guillén Soler, Gregoria
This paper contains a brief description of a research about classification in the context of solid geometry. Models of answers to tasks given by teacher training students of different courses and specialities are shown. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 415-431  
20 p, 165.2 KB Qué actividades y qué procedimientos utiliza y valora el profesorado de Educación Primaria / García Barros, Susana (Universidade da Coruña) ; Martínez Losada, Cristina (Universidade da Coruña)
This study endeavours to learn which activities are used by Primary School teachers as well as the purpose of using them. A poll was conducted among more than 500 teachers who state that they carry out different activities, even though it turned out that those textbook activities which involve the use of pen and pencil and whose objective is to develop conceptual contents have a greater presence, whereas the procedures themselves were hardly mentioned at all. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 433-452  
18 p, 268.5 KB Una propuesta didáctica basada en la investigación para el uso de analogías en la enseñanza de las ciencias / Oliva-Martínez, José María (Centro de Profesorado de Cádiz (Andalusia)) ; Aragón, María del Mar (IES Drago (Cadis, Andalusia)) ; Mateo, J. (IES La Pedrera Blanca (Chiclana de la Frontera, Andalusia)) ; Bonat, M. (IES La Vega del Guadalete (La Barca de la Florida, Andalusia))
In this paper, an analysis about the advantages and difficulties of the analogies, as a didactic resource in science education, is accomplished. According to the results of the investigation developed in this field during the last years, some criteria to take into account with the purpose of improving their use in the classroom, are also provided. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 453-470  
7 p, 195.1 KB Uso de analogías adecuadas como recurso didáctico para la comprensión de los fenómenos electroquímicos en el nivel universitario inicial / Vasini, Enrique Julio ; Donati, Edgardo Rubén
In this paper, we propose a complementary strategy to introduce electrochemical cells in introductory courses of chemistry. Frequently some of the concepts related to electrochemical processes, such as electric work, reversible and irreversible changes, maximum work and differences and similarities between galvanic and electrolytic cells among others, are poorly developed in this kind of courses. [...]
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 471-477  
12 p, 139.6 KB Información bibliográfica y noticias
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 479-490  
1 p, 9.6 KB Contaminación en el hogar : aplicación en el aula / Gordo Antoñana, Blanca ; Juárez Navas, Ana Ma. ; Lupión Cobos, Teresa ; Puerta Cirre, J. Miguel
Ensenanza de las Ciencias, V. 19 N. 3 (2001) , p. 491-491  

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