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18 p, 267.8 KB Immigrant Youth as Linguistic and Cultural Brokers in Parent-School Interactions / Faulstich Orellana, Marjorie (University of California)
Este texto se presentó como comunicación al II Congreso Internacional de Etnografía y Educación: Migraciones y Ciudadanías. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, 5-8 Septiembre 2008.
In this paper I examine the transcultural negotiations that the children of immigrants from Mexico to the United States engage in when they serve as “language brokers” (Tse, 1996), “family interpreters”(Valdés, 2003), or “para-phrasers” (Orellana, Reynolds, Dorner and Meza, 2003) between their families and the English-speaking world. [...]
The transcultural repositioning that happens in translation events is shaped in particular by immigrant youths? paradoxical positionalities within relationships of power. On the one hand, as children (and as the children of immigrants in particular), youth translators constitute subaltern others (Spivak, 1988) who are not authorized to speak as adult, English-speaking citizens are, but at the same time they must speak if their parents? voices are to be heard. [...]

EMIGRA working papers, Núm. 42 (2007) , p. 1-18  

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