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15 p, 225.5 KB The impact of cultural diversity and globalization in developing a Santal peer culture in Middle India / Carrin Tamb-Lyche, Marine (LISST - Centre d‟Anthropologie)
Este texto se presentó como comunicación al II Congreso Internacional de Etnografía y Educación: Migraciones y Ciudadanías. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, 5-8 Septiembre 2008.
How it is to be an adolescent among the Santals, in a world still shaped by tradition but where local knowledge has been pervaded by political awareness and modernity. ? The Santals, who number more than five millions, consider themselves as a «tribal» people speaking a different language (austro-asiatic) and sharing a way of life which implies values different from those of the Hindus. [...]

EMIGRA working papers, Núm. 46 (2007) , p. 1-15  

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