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27 p, 982.5 KB Del simbolisme eròtic de la imatge del cavall / Gómez Pallarès, Josep M.
In this paper the author analyses some passages from the Greek literature, earlier than the hellenistic epigramm, where there appears some horse images with an erotic interpretation which are the starting point to study the transmition of the elements from these images throught tradition.
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 7-33  
8 p, 274.4 KB La grafía con- ante labial en latín / Álvarez Huerta, Olga
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 35-42  
10 p, 341.0 KB El glossari llatí en escriptura visigòtica de la Burgerbibliothek de Berna, ms. A. 92.3 / Alturo i Perucho, Jesús (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Ciències de l'Antiguitat i de l'Edat Mitjana)
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 43-52  
10 p, 339.0 KB Dos interpretaciones ramistas de Hor., Carm., 3, 1, en el humanismo renacentista / Merino Jerez, Luis
Cl. Mignault and Francisco Sánchez de las Brozas, El Brocense, apply the Ramist theory of the analysis in their observations on Hor. , Carm. , 3,I. On establishing the quaestio, the two humanists reach diferent interpretations, both in the expression and in the concept. [...]
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 53-62  
6 p, 205.0 KB Transcripció i transliteració dels noms dels principal vasos grecs / Alberich i Mariné, Joan (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Ciències de l'Antiguitat i de l'Edat Mitjana) ; Ros, Montserrat
The aim of this paper is to give some rules to specialists in order to distinguish between the transliteration of ancient Greek words in the Latin alphabet and their transcription in Catalan. The authors present an alphabetical list of the names of various Greek vases in their original language, in their transliterated graphy, in their Latin form, and in their Catalan transcription.
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 63-68  
15 p, 653.5 KB Les travaux d'Antonio Agustín, à la lumière de lettres inédites à Lelio Torelli / Ferrary, Jean-Louis
The correspondence between Antonio Agustín, his associate Jean Matal and the Florentine jurist Lelio Torelli, partly preserved in Pesaro and unpublished unti1 1992, provides us with a lot of informations about Agustín's activities during the years 1542-1553, mainly on his work concerning Greek constitutions, the first redaction of his De legibus, the beginning of his interest for Varro and Festus, and a work on the structure of the Praetor's Edict which was never to be published. [...]
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 69-83  
6 p, 207.7 KB Els humors i els temperaments / Zaragoza Gras, Joana
Hypocratic medicine tries to creatively introduce rational and scientific criteria -which would explain a series of physical phenomena that influence directly in the configuration of different human personalities-, by relating physical characteristics with psychological repercussions. [...]
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 85-90  
5 p, 187.2 KB El nordeste de la Península Ibérica en Estrabón / Alonso Núñez, J. M.
This article deals with the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula according to Strabo. For this purpose all the passages related to the present Catalonia have been adduced and analyzed. Strabo has never been there, but he has good information, even of oral character, possibly derived from businessmen and travellers. [...]
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 91-95  
2 p, 82.3 KB Recensions / Villalba i Varneda, Pere
Bogoljub SIJAKOVIC, Mythos, physis, Psyche: Ogledanje u predsokratovscoj "Ontologiji" i "Psihologiji".
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 99-100  
6 p, 238.1 KB Recensions / Cuartero, Francesc J. (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Ciències de l’Antiguitat i de l’Edat Mitjana)
Joan ALBERICH i Montserrat ROS, La transcripció dels noms propis grecs i llatins.
Faventia, V. 14 n. 1 (1992) p. 100-105  

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