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30 p, 381.6 KB Sofferenza, malessere e disgrazia. Metafore del dolore e senso del male nell'opera paleo-babilonese "Un uomo e il suo dio": un approccio interdisciplinare / Zisa, Gioele (Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza")
The Old-Babylonian text "A man and his god" has enjoyed a wide reputation for its many parallels with the biblical story of Job, and has been the subject of accurate philological analysis. This composition describes the suffering and pain of desperate man calls his God for healing. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 9 (2012) , p. 1-30  
39 p, 4.1 MB Le casque bombé à cimier dans les tactiques de combat néo-assyriennes / Backer, Fabrice De
The present paper investigates the adoption of the crested helmet and its manifestations between the IXth and the VIIIth century B. C. in the Neo-Assyrian military establishment. The introduction of new fighting tactics during the reigns of Ashurnasirpal II and Salmanazar III deeply influenced the composition of the Neo-Assyrian armies of Tiglath-Pileser III and his successors.
Historiae, Núm. 9 (2012) , p. 31-69  
17 p, 279.6 KB Nuevamente de Heródoto a Tucídides / Sierra Martín, César (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
The aim of this paper is to underline the need to understand the essence of the works of Herodotus and Thucydides in order to reconstruct the history of classical Greece. From ancient ancient times there has been a debate around the primacy of one or another author, creating a situation that does not helo to a better understanding of history. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 9 (2012) , p. 71-87  
21 p, 304.5 KB Vestire l'etnicità / Lo Piccolo, Claudia (Università degli Studi di Palermo)
The article analyzes the relationship between clothing and ethnic identity in the works of Greek writer Lucian of Samosata. We concentrate on importance of clothes in the construction of foreigners' "diversity" and we explain the symbolic role of the assumption of Greek attire in foreigners' process of Hellenization. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 9 (2012) , p. 89-109  
26 p, 578.1 KB Mujeres en la arena. Participación femenina en los ludi circenses / Ortega Balanza, Marta (Universitat de Barcelona)
The evolution of the feminine participation in "ludi" (games) and other circus shows in ancient Rome is analized, discussing women different areas of action and their impact in society. Whereas the reputation and fascination for gladiators has come up to us and has originated different and popular audio-visual products, the fact that there also were gladiator women is unknown. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 9 (2012) , p. 111-136  
16 p, 216.5 KB Notas sobre el comportamiento militar en la Guerra Social / Heredia, Carlos
This article aims to analyse the attitudes and the military behaviour that both Italic and Roman people showed throughout the Social War, an incident that is just the final straw of the complex situation of the "Italic Matter" in which Rome knew not how, or did not want to, share its benefits with the resourceful ally instrument. [...]
Historiae, Núm. 9 (2012) , p. 137-152  

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