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7 p, 34.9 KB Contents
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 1-7  
3 p, 15.6 KB Foreword / Prendergast, David
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 9-11  
24 p, 97.9 KB Varieties of English world-wide : where we stand / Görlach, Manfred
The paper summarizes the state of scholarly research in one of the most recent and most stimulating branches of sociolinguistics. Criteria which help to show whether a variety (or an utterance) is English are discussed in detail before the distinctiveness of individual Englishes is focused on. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 13-36  
5 p, 24.9 KB Reviews / de Kadt, Elizabeth (University of Natal (Durban, Sud-àfrica))
Obres ressenyades: Vivian DE KLERK (ed. ). Focus on South Africa. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1996; Kathleen HEUGH, Amanda SIEGRÜHN and Peter PLÜDDEMANN (eds. ). Multilingual Education for South Africa. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 259-263  
4 p, 22.2 KB Reviews / Pandey, Anita (University of Memphis)
Obra ressenyada: Ayo BAMGBOSE, (ed. ). New Englishes: A West African Perspective. Ibadan: Mosuro, 1995.
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 263-266  
4 p, 25.1 KB Reviews / Bamiro, Edmund O. (University of Saskatchewan)
Obra ressenyada: Richard ALLSOPP, Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 266-269  
3 p, 20.5 KB Reviews / Prasad, Murari (D.S. College (Katihar, Índia))
Obra ressenyada: Indira Chowdhury SENGUPTA (comp. ); J. Crowther (ed. ). The Indian English Supplement to the Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English. 5th edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 269-271  
24 p, 96.8 KB Hiberno-English and the teaching of modern and contemporary Irish literature in an EFL context / Asián, Anna ; McCullough, James
In this paper, we provide a brief historical, linguistic, and literary guide to Hiberno-English, or Irish English, for teachers of English as a Foreign Language who use literature in their classes. We discuss the historical and social development of this dialect and relate it to the works of such authors as Joyce, Synge and Kennelly. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 37-60  
13 p, 61.3 KB Lessons from a survey of British dialect grammar / Cheshire, Jenny ; Edwards, Viv
This article is intended for non-specialists interested in linguistic and educational issues associated with regional variation in grammar. It is based on the work of the Survey of British Dialect Grammar which entailed an unusual collaboration between linguists and school children. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 61-73  
13 p, 55.3 KB Ebonics : the third incarnation of a thirty-three year old controversy about Black English in the United States / Hoffman, Melvin J.
The Ebonics controversy in the United States is not an aberration. Rather, it represents a convergence of varied interests, attitudes, and experiences which are partly products of United States history and geography. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 75-87  
20 p, 73.6 KB English as an Asian Language / Kachru, Braj B.
This paper outlines the dimensions of Asia's English, which constitutes a world of its own in linguistic, cultural, interactional, ideological, and political terms. The questions this paper raises are: What conditions must a transplanted colonial language satisfy to be accepted as part of the colonized's linguistic repertoire? Why not consider Asian Englishes as part of a local pluralistic linguistic heritage? Answers to these questions demand redefining the concept of «nativeness» and types of nativeness; this paper advances that proposal by describing the distinction between «genetic nativeness» and «functional nativeness». [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 89-108  
17 p, 104.6 KB English and Melanesian Pidgin in the Admiralty / Smith, Geoffrey
This paper looks at the language of adolescents in the Admiralty Islands, who are educated through the medium of English but are fluent in Melanesian Pidgin English (Tok Pisin). It was found that lexical innovation in Manus included massive borrowing of English lexical items, especially verbs, into Tok Pisin. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 109-125  
19 p, 120.7 KB Gone with the wind? Evidence for 19th century / Sutcliffe, David
For decades the variety of English spoken by African Americans in the United States has been a major focus of research in linguistics. Despite that, there is still considerable controversy over its past, and specifically whether there had formerly been a plantation creole which shaped the modern African American Vernacular English (AAVE) linguistic system as it emerged. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 127-145  
19 p, 105.0 KB Roots of English in the African American diaspora / Tagliamonte, Sali ; Smith, Jennifer
In this paper we use the world-wide variability in the past tense paradigm of the verb be (e. g. I/you/we/they was/were) to examine the similarities and differences across four geographically separated and ethnically diverse dialects of English spoken in North Preston, Guysborough Enclave and Guysborough Village in Nova Scotia, Canada, and Buckie in northern Scotland. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 147-165  
13 p, 308.7 KB Geolinguistics and haematology : the case of Britain / Viereck, Wolfgang
The spatial stratification of human and cultural facts on the one hand and of biological facts on the other have indeed attracted scholars' attention for a rather long time. With the discovery of the human blood groups in Würzburg, near Bamberg, Germany, early this century these interdisciplinary attempts gained new momentum. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 167-179  
10 p, 36.4 KB Web English -the future? / Monaghan, A. I. C.
Electronic communication, and particularly the World Wide Web, is becoming increasingly indispensable in our daily lives. The vast majority of the information currently exchanged electronically is in English, and it might be assumed that this will promote the use of English. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 183-192  
8 p, 34.9 KB The sociolinguistic situation of the British and the US American communities in Spain / Turell i Julià, M. Teresa (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
This report is concerned with the sociolinguistic situation of the British and US American communities living in Spain. The data used to compile it were drawn from speech data collected during the course of a project financed by the Spanish Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología on the sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of migrated speech communities and language minority groups in Spain (SEC93-0725), of which the British and the US American communities were two of the twenty-four investigated.
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 193-200  
6 p, 25.9 KB Bilingualism in Rarotonga / Wiglesworth, Aileen K.
The globalization of English is a mixed blessing for many of the worlds' small linguistic groups: it provides them with a lingua franca to expand their economic and political opportunities, but it also threatens to displace their indigenous languages. [...]
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 201-206  
2 p, 14.3 KB The Macquarie South-East Asian English corpus : a note / Butler, Susan
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 207-208  
13 p, 70.2 KB The Usage Dictionary of Anglicisms in Selected European Languages : a report on progress, problems and prospects / Görlach, Manfred
This is a short report on the UDASEL project, its field of study, objectives, methodology, and the structure and internal organization of information in the dictionary entries. Some specimens are included.
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 209-221  
17 p, 58.4 KB Views on englishes. A talk with Braj B.Kachru, Salikoko Mufwene, Rajendra Singh, Loreto Todd and Peter Trudgill / Prendergast, David
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 225-241  
7 p, 37.2 KB Margins
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 245-251  
4 p, 20.5 KB Reviews / Brown, Kimberley (Portland State University)
Obra ressenyada: Robert J. BAUMGARDNER, (ed. ). South Asian English: Structure, Use, Users. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1996.
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 255-258  
18 p, 89.0 KB Selected bibliography of englishes / Prendergast, David
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 275-292  
12 p, 49.3 KB General News
Links & letters, N. 5 (1998) , p. 295-306  

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