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5 p, 26.3 KB Índex. La didattica dell'italiano prime giornate
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 1-4  
2 p, 14.0 KB Presentazione
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 5  
20 p, 60.9 KB Il lessico di frequenza dell'italiano parlato e la didattica dell'italiano / D'Agostino, Emilio
The linguistic-historical evolution of the Italian community has been well described in its general lines and fundamental mechanisms. In the last decades the process of linguistic unification in Italy has been strengthened; which is confirmed by data on the diffusion of italophony and the regression of exclusive dialectophony. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.402
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 9-28  
10 p, 37.8 KB Apprendimento e insegnamento del «lessico» di alta disponibilità / Bini, Milena ; Pernas, Almudena ; Sánchez, Mercedes
Based on empirical data, this paper confirms the validity of Bini's hypothesis (in press) regarding the difficulties of learning lexis referring to everyday life. In addition to this, it also proves that L1 has an influence on the process of acquisition of these words together with L2 and hence producing hybridisms that crystalise.
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.403
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 29-38  
8 p, 35.0 KB Un'esperienza didattica di espressione orale basata sul task approach / Presotto, Marco ; Vilagrasa, Albert
This paper aims to present a language teaching/learning experience on the task-based approach, for Erasmus exchange students of Italian as FL. This experiment acts as a stimulus towards language learning by providing the means whereby foreign language students may cover their most immediate contextual/cultural gaps. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.404
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 39-46  
10 p, 40.1 KB L'analisi del code-switching : uno strumento pedagogico nell'insegnamento dell'italiano lingua straniera / Torrens Guerrini, Rosa M.
With this article it is my aim to determine to what extent discourse analysis (from a conversational point of view) is applied to language teaching research (from the point of view of the communicative approach). [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.405
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 47-56  
8 p, 32.1 KB La congiunzione «e» come elemento introduttore nei titoli giornalistici / Cincera, Fiammetta ; Tarricone, Laura
The purpose of this paper is to describe and in some ways to justify the very frequent use of the conjunction «e» at the beginning of italian newspaper headlines. Our observations are based on the analysis of four widely known contemporary Italian newspapers (using a corpus composed of 30 issues for each newspaper). [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.407
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 57-64  
8 p, 32.1 KB Secuencia de cierre en conversaciones telefónicas / González Royo, Carmen
This paper is based on a corpus of 11 phone conversations in Italian and 15 in Spanish. These are transactional conversational encounters and there is no confidential relationship between the speakers, nor does the topic deal with private subjects. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.408
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 65-72  
9 p, 38.0 KB L'insegnamento dell'italiano fra diacronia e sincronia : analisi di alcune strutture sintattiche tra lingua arcaica e parlato contemporaneo / Buono, Benedict
How to use the history of language when teaching Italian. This paper deals with the possibility of studying some constructions in old Italian, trying to identify them in modern spoken Italian. I try to discover if it would be possible to establish a real contact between diachronic studies and the synchronic analysis of syntax, trying to make the teaching of the history of language useful and effective.
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.409
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 73-81  
7 p, 29.9 KB Alcuni appunti sul condizionale in italiano / Ardolino, Francesco
The aim of this article is that of clarifying those issues of the analysis of the conditional structures in Italian which are more difficult to pin down. Once their «double nature» (temporal and modal) is established, attention is switched to the most conflicting aspects shown by the conditional structures («mixed» hypothetical periods, reported speech conditional, their liability to be substituted by a past tense, etc. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.410
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 83-89  
6 p, 25.2 KB L'uso del «di» e del «che» nei comparativi di diseguaglianza / Bedogni, Ursula
The great variety in the usage of the comparatives in Italian often causes problems to the Catalan- or Castilian-speaking student when faced with its practical application. In the first place, this article analyzes the structure of syntagmatic comparisons, to then move on to dealing with the temporal and modal functions required. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.413
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 91-96  
24 p, 84.0 KB «Esserci»/«essere» e «haber»/«estar» : problemi contrastivi e proposte didattiche* / Muñiz Muñiz, María de las Nieves
Based on observations on history of the language, this paper systematizes the correspondences and divergences between the Italian and Spanish uses of the verbs «esserci» / «essere» and «haber» / «estar», illustrated through literary and non-literary texts and an appendix with proposals for learning exercises.
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.414
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 97-120  
14 p, 43.1 KB Per una grammatica degli errori di studenti catalani in italiano come L2 / Gavagnin, Gabriella
This paper catalogues the linguistic errors made by some Catalan students in spontaneous written productions in Italian and tries to elaborate an interpretative hipothesis about heir frequency and distribution, especially referring to the processes of transfer from L1.
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.415
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 121-134  
13 p, 47.0 KB Insegnare l'italiano per fini specifici : motivazione e apprendimento cooperativo / Ferioli, Angela
The purpose of this communication is to situate cooperative language learning and teaching in the sphere of foreign language education, specially of the Italian as second language to students of a Management School. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.416
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 135-147  
8 p, 30.4 KB El italiano aplicado al canto como destreza / Fernández Valbuena, Ana Isabel
This paper attempts to shed some light on the specific teaching of Italian language applied to singing. We must admit its increasing demand on most Lyrical schools or High Schools of Music all over the world. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.417
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 149-156  
18 p, 53.6 KB L'insegnamento dell'italiano nella scuola materna ed elementare italiana «Maria Montessori» di Barcellona / Lulli, Giuseppa ; Magoga, Alessandro ; Dossi, Silvana
This article outlines teaching activities carried out at the Italian School in Barcelona, for the teaching of Italian as a second language. The above experiences involved students whose first language is either Spanish or Catalan. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.418
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 157-174  
11 p, 39.4 KB Recenti sviluppi nell'educazione letteraria / Balboni, Paolo E.
The first Minister of Education of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 was Francesco De Santís, the author of the first «History of Italian Literature»: he shaped the notion of literary education for the Italian school - a notion still in use after 140 years. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.419
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 175-185  
5 p, 23.0 KB Un gioco multimedia su argomenti di cultura e civiltà italiana / Pintori Olivotto, Adriana
The lack of suitable didactic material for the study of the Italian Culture and Civilization, as well as the interest that this knowledge has for the complete acquisition of the Italian language, which does not only imply the knowledge of linguistic and grammar resources, as the traditional language teaching system would have thought, has made us decide to develop a multimedia game. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.434
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 187-191  
1 p, 12.3 KB Cinema e didattica : atti del seminario di studio e d'aggiornamento presso le Scuole Secondarie di Barcellona / Primiceri, Ugo
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.441
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 195-195  
5 p, 22.4 KB Il «sistema» della memoria in Amarcord di Federico Fellini / Albertocchi, Giovanni
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.436
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 197-201  
5 p, 24.6 KB Didattica del cinema e analisi del film Esempi di strategie linguistiche e narrative nel cinema americano classico : il caso di Laura (Preminger, USA 1944) / Carluccio, Giulia
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.437
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 203-207  
4 p, 18.5 KB Por una lectura fílmica del cine en las aulas / Coll Alfonso, Mercè (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Filologia Anglesa i de Germanística)
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.438
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 209-212  
3 p, 16.4 KB Ressenyes / Vilella, Eduard (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Filologia Francesa i Romànica)
Obres ressenyades: (versió de) S. VENDRELL i F. CAPELLINO, Els viatges de Marco Polo. Alzira: Bromera, 1997; Marco Polo; (versió d')I. PAYÀ i A. TORREÑO, Llibre de les meravelles del món. Picanya: Ed. [...]
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.439
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 213-216  
2 p, 13.0 KB Ressenyes / Ardolino, Francesco
Obra ressenyada: Primo LEVI, La treva. Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1997.
1998 - 10.5565/rev/qdi.440
Quaderns d'Italià, N. 3 (1998) , p. 215-216  

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