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41 p, 664.8 KB The government wage bill and private activity / Bermperoglou, Dimitrios ; Pappa, Evi ; Vella, Eugenia
We estimate the effects of public wage expenditures on output and the labor market in U. S. data by identifying shocks to public employment and public wages using sign restrictions. Public wage shocks do not induce significant effects on output, but disaggregating by government level reveals that their effects can be contractionary at the federal level and expansionary at the state and local level. [...]
The ADEMU Working Paper Series is being supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 European Union funding for Research & Innovation, grant agreement No 649396.

2016 (ADEMU Working Paper Series ; 33)  
151 p, 1.8 MB Essays on fiscal policy / Bermperoglou, Dimitrios ; Pappa, Evi, dir. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament d'Economia i d'Història Econòmica
Esta tesis contribuye a tres cuestiones importantes relativas a la política fiscal y sus efectos a corto plazo sobre la economía real. El primer capítulo investiga cómo la riqueza de la vivienda y las restricciones colaterales contribuyen en forma conjunta a la transmisión no lineal de los shocks de política fiscal. [...]
This thesis contributes to three important issues relating to fiscal policy and its short-run effects on the real economy. The first chapter investigates how housing wealth dynamics and collateral constraints jointly matter for the non-linear transmission of fiscal policy shocks. [...]

[Barcelona] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2015  

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