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Contributions to meetings and congresses 3 records found  
26 p, 537.3 KB Expanding the skills of media accessibility experts : easy-to-understand audiovisual content / Matamala, Anna ; Perego, Elisa ; Bernabé, Rocío ; EASIT
2019 (EASIT (Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training))
Media for All International Conference. Estocolm, 8th : 2019  
2 p, 152.2 KB Quality training in real time subtitling across EU and EU languages / Bernabé, Rocío (SDI München) ; Orero, Pilar (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Swiss Conference on Barrier-free Communication. Ginebra, Suïssa, 2a : 2018  
18 p, 1.6 MB Easier audio description : an easy listening and easy understanding access service / Bernabé, Rocío (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) ; Orero, Pilar (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
ARSAD (Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description). Barcelona, : 2019  

Research literature 4 records found  
74 p, 1.5 MB LTA Report IO1 Skills and competences / Bernabé, Rocío (SDI München)
This report summarises the results of an online survey launched to identify the skills and competences of the professional in this field. The starting point of the survey was a drafted skills cards elaborated by the LTA partners according to the ECQA guidelines. [...]
2019 (Live Text Access (LTA))
2 documents
24 p, 201.7 KB LTA Report IO 1 Training / Bernabé, Rocío (SDI München)
This questionnaire is conducted as part of LiveTextAccess (LTA), a European co-funded project devoted to developing a professional profile and training for real-time intralingual respeakers or velotypists. [...]
2019 (Live Text Access (LTA))  
77 p, 622.2 KB EASIT IO2 report / Bernabé, Rocío (SDI München) ; EASIT
This report summarises the results of the project activities conducted during IO2. The goal was to provide recommendations to produce audiovisual information that is easy-to-understand. As defined in the project, IO2 focused on three types of information: news, subtitles, and audio descriptions. [...]
2019 (EASIT (Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training))
4 documents
24 p, 951.4 KB EASIT- Multiplier Event 1- Final Report / Bernabé, Rocío (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) ; EASIT
This report provides an overview of the activities, results, and impact of Multiplier Event 1, which was held in Munich on March 7th and disseminated the EASIT project, and more specifically IO1 results.
2019 (EASIT (Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training))  

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