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Contribuciones a jornadas y congresos, Encontrados 2 registros
Contribuciones a jornadas y congresos Encontrados 2 registros  
4 p, 207.9 KB Sensitivity analysis for agent-based models : a low complexity test-case / Broeke, Guus ten (Wageningen University) ; Voorn, George van (Wageningen University) ; Ligtenberg, Arend (Wageningen University)
Methodologies for sensitivity analysis are considered to be of great importance for analyzing agent-based models (ABMs), even more because calibration and validation of ABMs often prove problematic. Different methodologies for sensitivity analysis may help to understand ABM dynamics and (thus) aid in the calibration and validation of ABMs. [...]
Social Simulation Conference. Bellaterra, Cerdanyola del Valles, 1a : 2014  
4 p, 280.3 KB A spatially explicit agent-based model of opinion and reputation dynamics / Voorn, George van (Wageningen University and Research) ; Ligtenberg, Arend (Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing) ; Broeke, Guus ten (Wageningen University and Research)
Key in spatial planning are opinion dynamics (the exchange of opinions between agents and the consecutive updates in opinions by individual agents). A number of possibly relevant factors that are commonly excluded in well-known models of opinion dynamics are peer pressure, localized opinion formation through isolation, and the reputation of the agents involved. [...]
Social Simulation Conference. Bellaterra, Cerdanyola del Valles, 1a : 2014  

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