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6 p, 163.5 KB Detection of Leishmania infantum DNA mainly in Rhipicephalus sanguineus male ticks removed from dogs living in endemic areas of canine leishmaniosis / Solano Gallego, Laia (Royal Veterinary College of London (Regne Unit). Department of Pathology and Infectiuous Diseases) ; Rossi, Luca (Clinica Veterinaria Corridori-Rossi-Marioni (Grosseto, Itàlia)) ; Scroccaro, Anna M. (Laboratorio e Clinica Veterinari San Marco (Pàdua, Itàlia)) ; Montarsi, Fabrizio (Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie. Dipartimento di Ecopatologia (Pàdua, Itàlia)) ; Caldin, Marco (Laboratorio e Clinica Veterinari San Marco (Pàdua, Itàlia)) ; Furlanello, Tommaso (Laboratorio e Clinica Veterinari San Marco (Pàdua, Itàlia)) ; Trotta, Michele (Laboratorio e Clinica Veterinari San Marco (Pàdua, Itàlia))
Background: Sand flies are the only biologically adapted vectors of Leishmania parasites, however, a possible role in the transmission of Leishmania has been proposed for other hematophagous ectoparasites such as ticks. [...]
2012 - 10.1186/1756-3305-5-98
Parasites & vectors, Vol. 5, N. 98 (2012) , p. 1-6  

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140 p, 2.6 MB Avances en nuevos marcadores de daño renal en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la leishmaniosis canina / Guerrero Cabrera, Samantha, autor. ; Pastor Milán, Josep, supervisor acadèmic. ; Tvarijonaviciute, Asta, supervisor acadèmic. ; Caldin, Marco, supervisor acadèmic. ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Medicina i Cirurgia Animals.
La leishmaniosis canina (CanL, canine leishmaniosis) es una zoonosis endémica transmitida por vectores. La enfermedad renal es una de las principales complicaciones y causas de mortalidad en la CanL. [...]
Canine leishmaniosis (CanL) is a vector-borne endemic zoonosis. Renal disease is one of the main complications and a major cause of mortality in CanL. Renal tubular dysfunction has been observed in human leishmaniosis associated with defects in urine concentration and electrolytic disorders. [...]

[Bellaterra] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2017.  

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1 Caldin, Marco,
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