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16 p, 1.8 MB Phosphate excess increases susceptibility to pathogen infection in rice / Campos-Soriano, Lidia (Centre de Recerca en Agrigenòmica) ; Bundó Barberà, Mireia (Centre de Recerca en Agrigenòmica) ; Bach-Pages, Marcel (Centre de Recerca en Agrigenòmica) ; Chiang, Su-Fen. (Academia Sinica. Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center) ; Chiou, Tzyy-Jen (Academia Sinica. Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center) ; San Segundo, Blanca (Centre de Recerca en Agrigenòmica)
Phosphorus (P) is an essential nutrient for plant growth and productivity. Due to soil fixation, however, phosphorus availability in soil is rarely sufficient to sustain high crop yields. The overuse of fertilizers to circumvent the limited bioavailability of phosphate (Pi) has led to a scenario of excessive soil P in agricultural soils. [...]
2020 - 10.1111/mpp.12916
Molecular plant pathology, Vol. 21, Issue 4 (April 2020) , p. 555-570  

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