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24 p, 24.4 MB Multilingualism in Monsoon Wedding : how language variation and cultural references were transferred to La boda del monzón / Corrius, Montse (Universitat de Vic) ; Espasa, Eva (Universitat de Vic) ; Santamaria, Laura (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Many popular English-language films display some other language(s) to a greater or lesser degree. They constitute instances of the kind of language variation we refer to as 'third language' or L3. In other words, the third language is neither the main language used in the source text, nor the main language used in the target text, but a secondary language existing in the source text, which is also embodied in the process of translating. [...]
The dubbing & subtitling of Bollywood fims: an international colloquium. Leicester, UK, : 2018  

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