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24 p, 517.9 KB Efficiency of propensity score adjustment and calibration on the estimation from non-probabilistic online surveys / Ferri-García, Ramón (Universidad de Granada. Departamento de Estadística) ; Rueda, Maria del Mar (Universidad de Granada. Departamento de Estadística)
One of the main sources of inaccuracy in modern survey techniques, such as online and smartphone surveys, is the absence of an adequate sampling frame that could provide a probabilistic sampling. This kind of data collection leads to the presence of high amounts of bias in final estimates of the survey, specially if the estimated variables (also known as target variables) have some influence on the decision of the respondent to participate in the survey. [...]
2018 - 10.2436/20.8080.02.73
SORT : statistics and operations research transactions, Vol. 42 Núm. 2 (July-December 2018) , p. 159-182 (Articles)  

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