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9 p, 284.9 KB Corporate Fitness Members' Perceptions of the Environment and Their Intrinsic Motivation / Huddleston, Holly (University of Memphis) ; Fry, Mary D. (University of Kansas) ; Brown, Theresa C. (University of Kansas)
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of employees' perceptions of the motivational climate in their corporate fitness center to their intrinsic motivation toward exercise, and their perceptions of their employer's concern for their health behaviors. [...]
Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 21, Núm. 1 (2012) , p. 15-23  
18 p, 223.4 KB Psichometric properties of the caring climate scale in a physical activity setting / Newton, Maria (The Universty of Utah) ; Fry, Mary (University of Nevada) ; Watson, Doris (University of Nevada) ; Gano-Overway, Lori (Bridgewater College) ; Kim, Mi-Sook (San Francisco State University) ; Magyar, Michelle (California State University) ; Guivernau, Marta (Michigan State University)
Scholars have emphasized the importance of creating a caring environment in physical activity settings. Given that there is currently no measure of a caring environment in the physical domain, the purpose of these two studies was to develop the Caring Climate Scale (CCS) and examine its psychometric properties. [...]
Revista de psicología del deporte, Vol. 16, Núm. 1 (2007) , p. 67-84  

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1 Fry, Mary D
1 Fry, Mary D.
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