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13 p, 2.7 MB Minimal residual disease level predicts outcome in adults with Ph-negative Bprecursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia / Gökbuget, Nicola (Department of Medicine II, Department of Hematology/Oncology, University Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany) ; Dombret, Hervé (Hôpital Saint-Louis, Université Paris Diderot) ; Giebel, Sebastian (Maria Sklodowska Curie Memorial Cancer Center, Gliwice) ; Bruggemann, Monika (Department of Hematology and Oncology, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein) ; Doubek, Michael (Department of Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology,University Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic) ; Foà, Robin (Sapienza University of Rome) ; Hoelzer, Dieter (Department of Medicine II, Department of Hematology/Oncology, University Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany) ; Kim, Christopher (Amgen Inc, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA) ; Martinelli, Giovanni (Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (IRST) IRCCS) ; Parovichnikova, Elena (National Research Center for Hematology, Moscow) ; Rambaldi, Alessandro (Dipartimento di Oncologia ed Ematologia, Università degli Studi di Milano and Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII) ; Ribera, Josep Maria (Institut Germans Trias i Pujol. Institut de Recerca contra la Leucèmia Josep Carreras) ; Schoonen, Marieke (Amgen Ltd, London) ; Stieglmaier, Julia M. (Amgen GmBH, Munich) ; Zugmaier, Gerhard (Amgen GmBH, Munich) ; Bassan, Renato (Ospedale dell'Angelo, Mestre-Venezia) ; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Objectives: Detectable minimal residual disease (MRD) after therapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the strongest predictor of hematologic relapse. This study evaluated outcomes of patients with B-cell precursor ALL with MRD of ≥10−4. [...]
2019 - 10.1080/16078454.2019.1567654
Hematology, Vol. 24 Núm. 1 (2019) , p. 337-348  
7 p, 444.1 KB Blinatumomab vs historical standard therapy of adult relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia / Gökbuget, N. (Goethe University. University Hospital Frankfurt) ; Kelsh, M. (Amgen (Thousand Oaks, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Chia, V. (Amgen (Thousand Oaks, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Advani, A. (Cleveland Clinic (Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Bassan, R. (Ospedale dell'Angelo (Venècia, Itàlia)) ; Dombret, H. (Hôpital Saint-Louis (Paris, França)) ; Doubek, M. (University Hospital Brno (República Txeca)) ; Fielding, A.K. (UCL Cancer Institute (Londres, Regne Unit)) ; Giebel, S. (Maria Sklodowska Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology (Polònia)) ; Haddad,V. (Amgen Ltd. (Uxbridge, Regne Unit)) ; Hoelzer, D. (Goethe University. University Hospital Frankfurt) ; Holland, C. (Amgen Ltd. (Rockville, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Ifrah, N. (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (Angers, França)) ; Katz, A. (Amgen (Thousand Oaks, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Maniar, T. (Amgen (Thousand Oaks, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Martinelli,G. (Policlinico Sant'Orsola-Malpighi (Bolònia, Itàlia)) ; Morgades, Mireia (Institut Germans Trias i Pujol. Institut Català d'Oncologia) ; O'Brien, S. (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, Texas)) ; Ribera Santasusana, J. M. (José María) (Institut Germans Trias i Pujol. Institut Català d'Oncologia) ; Rowe, J.M. (Rambam Medical Center) ; Stein, A. (City of Hope National Medical Center (Duarte, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Topp, M. (Universitätsklinikum Würzburg (Alemanya)) ; Wadleigh, M. (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston, Estats Units d'Amèrica)) ; Kantarjian, H. (University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, Texas))
We compared outcomes from a single-arm study of blinatumomab in adult patients with B-precursor Ph-negative relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia (R/R ALL) with a historical data set from Europe and the United States. [...]
2016 - 10.1038/bcj.2016.84
Blood Cancer Journal, Vol. 6, Núm. 9 (September 2016) , p. e473  

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1 Gökbuget, N
1 Gökbuget, Nicola
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