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28 p, 563.1 KB Focus-sensitive negation in Latin / Gianollo, Chiara (Università di Bologna)
Classical Latin displays negative particles, like neque / nec and ne…quidem ‘neither, not even', that can express sentential negation while at the same time narrowly focusing on some constituent of the clause. [...]
El llatí clàssic disposa de partícules negatives com ara neque / nec i ne … quidem ‘ni, ni tan sols', que poden expressar la negació oracional i, alhora, presentar focus estret en algun component de l'oració. [...]

2017 - 10.5565/rev/catjl.211
Catalan journal of linguistics, Vol. 16 (2017) , p. 51-77 (Articles)  

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