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17 p, 2.0 MB Limited Interactions between Streptococcus Suis and Haemophilus Parasuis in In Vitro Co-Infection Studies / Mathieu-Denoncourt, Annabelle ; Letendre, Corinne ; Auger, Jean-Philippe ; Segura, Mariela ; Aragon, Virginia (Fundació Centre de Recerca en Sanitat Animal) ; Lacouture, Sonia ; Gottschalk, Marcelo
Streptococcus suis and Haemophilus parasuis are normal inhabitants of the porcine upper respiratory tract but are also among the most frequent causes of disease in weaned piglets worldwide, causing inflammatory diseases such as septicemia, meningitis and pneumonia. [...]
2018 - 10.3390/pathogens7010007
Pathogens, Vol. 7 (january 2018)  

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