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27 p, 1001.4 KB Middle-Upper Triassic stratigraphy and structure of the Alt Palància (eastern Iberian Chain) : a multidisciplinary approach / Ortí Cabo, Federico (Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Mineralogia, Petrologia i Geologia Aplicada) ; Guimerà i Rosso, Joan J. (Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Geodinàmica i Geofísica) ; Götz, Annette E. (University of Portsmouth. School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
The present study provides new data of the Middle-Upper Triassic successions and their deformation in the eastern Iberian Chain, where contractional tectonics during the Cenozoic disrupted this Mediterranean type of Triassic rocks. [...]
2020 - 10.1344/GeologicaActa2020.18.4
Geologica acta, Vol. 18 (2020) , p. 1-II (Articles)  
23 p, 9.1 MB Structure of an inverted basin from subsurface and field data : the Late Jurassic- Early Cretaceous Maestrat Basin (Iberian Chain) / Nebot Miralles, Marina (Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Geodinàmica i Geofísica) ; Guimerà i Rosso, Joan J. (Universitat de Barcelona. Departament de Geodinàmica i Geofísica)
The Maestrat Basin experienced two main rifting events: Late Permian-Late Triassic and Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous, and was inverted during the Cenozoic Alpine orogeny. During the inversion, an E-W-trending, N-verging fold-and-thrust belt developed along its northern margin, detached in the Triassic evaporites, while southwards it also involved the Variscan basement. [...]
2016 - 10.1344/GeologicaActa2016.14.2.5
Geologica acta, Vol. 14 Núm. 2 (June 2016) , p. 155-177 (Articles)  

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